Our CEO here at Family Christian Movies is a doctor from abroad. He got so passionate about Christian Films after moving to the states, that he decided to start his own company to sell Christian DVDs! He still practices medicine, despite having founded a successful company… but as you can see below, he can’t stop thinking about Family Christian Movies, even when he’s at his “day job.”

I was on call at the hospital this Saturday and decided to watch our new film The Pistol. A full box of them had accidentally been shipped to my home recently, so I decided to check it out. I had no idea such a powerful movie existed! I and several other doctor friends, who were stuck at work on the weekend, started watching it with me. It grabbed all of us. Everybody wanted to see what would happen next, and nobody wanted leave the room. Some of the doctors really related to the father-son interaction in the film, and the experience of learning basketball as a kid.

The Pistol is very entertaining, clean, heartwarming and exciting. The film is about Hall of Fame member Pistol Pete. Pete Maravich got his nickname “Pistol” in high school. Since he wasn’t strong enough to shoot from the front, he would shoot the ball from the side like he was holding a pistol, so a newspaper writer started calling him Pistol Pete. The name stuck.

I loved the movie I didn’t wanted to leave my chair, it grabbed me. Pete’ s father Press gives him constant encouragement, he taught Pete that when a boy has dreams, anything is possible.

Although not an expressly Christian film, the film reflects great family values and the heart of a father who shapes his son. The Pistol is a Powerful Inspirational family movie. We are proud to offer it to our customers at Family Christian Movies.

-Enis Sakirgil
Founder of Family Christian Movies

You can buy the Pistol: Special Edition at FishFlix.com