Do you remember the first time you watched the Passion of the Christ?  I don’t… but I do remember the first time I watched it with unbelieving friends.  It was the fall of 2004, I had just moved to a Muslim country to share my faith, and everyone was talking about the Passion of the Christ.  Young people especially were asking such great questions about Jesus.

One night in that first month, some neighbors, who we were getting to know, invited us over to watch the Passion at their home(their idea!).  As we watched the film in that smoke-filled apartment, our neighbor and his roommates sat speechless as they witnessed the suffering of our Lord.  Our friend’s girlfriend was moved to tears watching Jesus respond in love to the woman caught in adultery.  We had great opportunities to share our faith that night.  You’ll have to read the whole story at our blog.

A few weeks after that, this girl decided to put her faith in Christ.  She is still walking with the Lord and has since led her sister to the Lord.  They’ve both shared their faith with many friends over the last 4 years and have even led some friends to Christ.  I had got to meet one of these girls a couple weeks ago.  I couldn’t help thinking back to that night in the smoke-filled apartment watching the Passion with this unlikely group of seekers.

We’re excited this month to offer you a special deal on this powerful film that God has used in amazing ways since it was released in 2004.   Experience Passion of the Christ again, or give it to a seeking friend.  We believe this powerful reminder of what Christ endured for us is a great tool to prepare your heart for Easter.  We’re offering the Passion of the Christ (retail $20) throughout the rest of March for only $7.99.