The Note - DVD ImageThis main plot of this Christian movie revolves around a mystery so If you enjoy a little bit of romance and a little bit of mystery this is the movie for you! For me it’s so great to dive right into a story, meet its characters and know their backstory plus try to solve the mystery that is occurring in a movie. The Note is one of the many movies from Hallmark Channel to add to your collection.

The Note is about how a journalist finds a note that supposedly comes from one of the passengers that was in a recent plane crash. She begins a search for the person for which the note is meant for but on the way she learns more of her own past.

At the start of the Christian movie, The Note, we meet Peyton Macgruder (played by Genie Francis), a journalist whose life hasn’t always been the easiest and with every passing day it seems to get worse as she’s also having a hard time maintaining her job. Peyton has her own column but her faithful leaders have gone down a great deal and she’s at risk of losing her column plus her job if things don’t recover. Her boss encourages Peyton to write about what means to her, from what’s in her heart but that doesn’t come easy for her. Now she feels the pressure of getting her readers back and has very little time to accomplish this daunting task. Later on in this Christian DVD, the newspaper where Peyton works at receives a call. It is informed that there’s been a plane crash in North Carolina and a journalist is needed to cover the story. Wanting to redeem herself, Peyton gets the assignment, thinking this would be just a simple assignment that can help her maintain her job.

The Note continues with Peyton arriving at the scene of the crash. She arrives at the beach near where the plane sadly crashed and staring out at the ocean she sees something unusual. The journalist sees that there’s something caught in some rocks near the shore. She grabs the object and is pleasantly surprised when she discovers that it’s a note sealed in a bag that includes a message from a father to his son involving the topic of forgiveness and hope. Immediately Peyton assumes that the note is from a victim from the plane crash that occurred near the area Peyton is indeed curious and set to find who the note is meant for plus to be able to deliver it. But there’s a catch, the note is addressed to someone’s initials so it’s not clear to whom it is. Set to solve this problem, Peyton from The Note goes on quite a journey to find the note’s recipient and writes about all of it for her column readers. Soon Peyton will realize that not only will this note alter her own life but will transform the lives of those within her path.

Peyton begins the journey and starts reaching out to several people who can be candidates to be the note’s recipient. But somehow through the process, she discovers that the message of forgiveness included in the note is impacting the lives of those who manage to read it. Soon Peyton is reassured that forgiveness is something everyone needs and something people need to do as well. To forgive and grant forgiveness. She begins seeing how forgiveness can transform and heal in a powerful way by just a few words. Another thing she discovers is that where there is true love there is true forgiveness and room to forgive is present. Peyton learns so much about the power forgiveness holds and what role it plays in her life.

As Peyton sees the great effect The Note is causing people all around the country and she continues to meet new people, she sees how her own life is changing because of the message instilled in the note she found ashore. This Christian DVD is a great reminder of how sometimes the journey holds more meaning than the destination.

Will Peyton find who The Note is truly for? Will that mystery be solved?
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