the nana express - DVD ImageThis Christian movie is definitely considered a Hallmark Channel classic and I completely agree. It’s one of those movies that you watch and immediately feel good and I love that Hallmark Channel does their best to make people feel that way and forget their troubles for at least the length of the movie. I love that their goal is to make family-friendly, good quality movies for all to enjoy.

The Nanny Express tells the story of how Emily and Ben, who have lost their mom, torment their nannies until all they have left is to quit. Until nanny Kate arrives in their home and little by little wins all of the family over.

In the Christian movie The Nanny Express, businessman David Chandler (played by Brennan Elliot) had lost his beloved wife a few years back. But with that, he also lost the control he had on his kids Ben and Emily. Beforehand they were considered normal, passive kids but their mother’s death really affected them, like it would to any child. Now David doesn’t really know what else to do and the nannies he’s previously hired have come and gone as quickly as ever, mostly because of little Ben’s doing. He’s tried and done everything he can to scare these nannies away, for example, he’s put spiders on their beds and plugged toilets. Soon Kate Hewitt (played by Vanessa Marcil) walks in the Chandler home. She is quite funny, smart, beautiful and a student in dire need of a job to offer her some much-needed funds. Kate knows her way around kids and seems prepared to do so, David hires her immediately. Now the challenge in this Christian DVD will definitely be little Ben but Kate surprisingly knows her way around the boy. At first, she encounters some pranks including spiders but Kate offers her friendship to him, she listens to him and reads him bedtime stories regularly. This is enough to win Ben’s heart and the heart of his sister as well. Kate is always herself and develops a real love towards Ben and Emily, this wins over David’s heart also.

Both Kate and David from The Nanny Express choose to take things slow but it’s obvious that they have a real connection and are falling for each other. Even little Ben is super excited for his dad to fall in love with his favorite nanny and friend but Emily is not so fond of the idea, she doesn’t like it at all. Kate does her best to reach out to Emily and tries to help her as she still grieves the loss of her mother but Emily pulls away from Kate even more. This is happening at the same time that David and Ben are both more in love with the nanny and continue welcoming her into their hearts. This is quite a dilemma.

the nanny express - DVD Image

A lot of these problems in Kate and Emily’s relationship is due to Emily’s preconceived ideas of nannies and for judging Kate before really getting to know her. Later on in this Christian movie, Emily notices that she and Kate actually have many things in common which makes her think that she could love her if she chooses to open her heart. This is one of the themes that are present in this Christian movie, to not judge a book by its cover. That a person can actually surprise you, share your same struggles and just be what you needed.

At the beginning of The Nanny Express we see that the Chandler family have been going through some pretty rough times since David’s wife, the children’s mom had passed away. All of them were struggling to adapting to this new way of life apart from the woman they loved. They had become separated from each other and there didn’t seem to be any real communication among them. Also the family was forgetting the importance of loving on each other and the importance of the meaning of family.

Now the question is, will Emily open her heart to Kate? Will they both be able to understand each other fully? What will happen ultimately between David and Kate?
Will Emily’s initial reaction towards Kate affect the possibilities of David officially welcoming Kate into their family?

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