WCTH Complete Season 5 For five seasons, When Calls the Heart has always managed to bring good-quality family-friendly television to households. This series has been making a difference in television as part of Hallmark Channel’s original series lineup. For four seasons viewers from all over the country and the world were tuning in to see Jack Thornton and Elizabeth Thatcher’s blossoming relationship unfold. From their first meeting in season 1 at the saloon to them sharing their feelings with each other, their first disagreement, to their planning for the future, to their engagement in season 4. We’ve gone on this journey with these beloved characters and now they’re looking at a future together in the When Calls the Heart Season 5 Collector’s edition Christian DVD.

One of the most awaited episodes from the Christian series When Calls the Heart season 5 was the wedding episode. This specific episode is called “My Heart is Yours” and it begins with the days that lead up to this couple’s union.
Even though Hope Valley is going through some hardship, economically speaking, everyone is pitching in to have everything ready in time. Some familiar faces from previous seasons return for this special episode like Julie Thatcher, Elizabeth’s younger sister, and Tom Thornton, Jack’s little brother. These two had not seen each other for quite a while so their reunion at the church is a bit awkward. But both of them realized how far each of them had come thinking back to where they were in life when they had first met over two years before.
Rosemary, Dottie, and Clara work hard to give Elizabeth the most-grandest wedding dress, one to be remembered forever. The kids from Elizabeth’s class have eagerly stepped up to help with putting up decorations and shout in excitement when they’re told they’ll each have a special part in the wedding. Everyone is in wedding mode, looking forward to this event.
One night, almost two days before the wedding, the kids participating in Miss Thatcher’s wedding were wanting to get in some practice time to make sure they did a job well-done the day off. So they decide to head to the church (which was already decorated) and practice each of their jobs, especially Cody and Anna who were in charge of lighting the candles in the ceremony.While lighting the candles the unthinkable occurs in the Christian DVD When Calls the Heart Season 5 Collector’s edition! One of the candles tumbles to the ground near the curtains and the church immediately begins taking fire. Soon enough the whole place is flooded by flames, thankfully Jack and Elizabeth were nearby and rush to the scene.
The townspeople managed to put out the fire but the damage to the church, to the wedding decorations and to Elizabeth’s wedding dress had been done.
Immediately the couple is confronted with a decision to make, to postpone or continue on. The first one seemed like the right thing to do especially with everything that had transpired. Abigail urges everyone to help in any way they can so this wedding can happen. She encourages everyone that if they work together things can be done once again so this meant repaint, redecorate and rework the wedding dress. Here’s Hope Valley’s spirit, to resurge out of a tragedy, to find hope instead of staying in despair.
To this point, Bill, one of Jack’s best men is in charge of the rings but first has to take a certain prisoner to trial but is sure that he’ll be back just in time for the wedding. Turns out the members of the prisoner’s gang were close-by and create a shoot-out, wanting their friend back. Now with this new turn of events shown in this Christian DVD, Bill is not so sure he’ll make it in time.

WCTH Season 5 Complete 10 DVD Set Collector's edition

Back in Hope Valley, the wedding day is in full-swing and the ceremony was beautiful and perfect to who these characters are. The first looks, the vows, the ring exchange! After the wedding, there’s a small reception at the saloon where Maid of Honor, Abigail, and one of the Best Men, Bill Avery, make some heartfelt speeches.
Friend, if you haven’t seen this special episode yet, be sure to find the Christian DVD Season 5 collector’s edition boxed set and watch! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and understand what I mean.

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