If you’re in the mood for a really touching story, The Miracle of the Cards is the perfect DVD. It is a story about a miracle and a collaborative act of prayer that has you praying yourself!

Craig Shergold (Thomas Sangster) is an eight year old boy who is struck down with a brain tumor. This tumor was something that doctors initially didn’t notice, until by the grace of God, his worrisome Mom (Catherine Oxenberg) was convinced to have him evaluated over and over. Her act in doing this was one of the first examples of faith, the first of many throughout the journey of their son’s cancer.

There are often highs and lows that come along with cancer, and Craig’s battle with cancer seemed to stay at a really low, low. His cancer seemed to be bigger and stronger than what Craig’s little body could handle. Craig’s parents were encouraged to help him find something of the mind to give him the strength to get through as much as his body would allow. And thus, the birth of the miracle of the cards. 

Craig’s Mom could see the joy and happiness and more importantly the hope that Craig had in each of the cards that he received. He knew that each of the cards was a prayer for him to get better and he trusted in that. So Craig’s Mom ran with it and was able to connect with other avenues of media and put in Craig’s mind the excitement and goal of beating the Guinness Book of World Record for receiving the most cards.

This goal captured the attention of thousands of people, specifically the attention of a reporter (Kirk Cameron), who is put on the job to find the hoax in what so many people were joining in on calling a miracle. This reporter wasn’t one to believe in God or miracles. So he was determined to do his job and find that there in fact, was not a miracle in the making.

The Miracle of the Cards is a DVD that the entire family will enjoy. Craig is a little boy that we can all relate to, and his Mom is a woman that all of us Mothers can truly relate to. Cancer is a tough battle and is often hard to see the hope in it, but The Miracle of the Cards shows that there can be hope, because there are miracles.