In the Christian life, there are seasons of excitement where life seems to be all that we’ve been told it should be. We engage in friendship, faith, and move forward in our careers with attitudes that plan on changing the world for the better. We get married, have kids, and experience the tiny little places that miraculously contain so much joy simply because God loves us. Certainly, this is a delightful time that our honesty compels us to admit we’ve all experienced.

But maybe you’re not there right now.

Maybe you’ve been working hard and doing this Christian thing really well for a while. And in those moments where the congregation and family aren’t around, your heart breathes a sigh of relief as a flood of honesty washes over you. Regardless of the details, the circumstances have led you to finally allow yourself to think, “Yes, I am tired,” “Yes, I am angry,” or “Yes, I am thoroughly confused…and it scares the ( out of me.”

It’s at this point that the same encouraging words that used to infuse you with faith are heard through a filter of cynicism. And questions that used to be opportunities to tell of God’s goodness suddenly become places where you have to remind yourself to be quiet rather than saying what actually came to mind. You know what I mean, “Hey brother! Isn’t God good?” And the only thing you feel like saying is, “Maybe to you. Leave me alone .” Or what about when you’re in church during praise and worship and the worship leader, who clearly had their coffee that morning, asks, “Who’s excited to give God praise?” and you just want to sit down and check how your sports team is doing in the offseason?

If that’s you, Hello. You’re not alone. (if you just scowled at the fact that I wrote that cliché into this article, Welcome! You’re in the right place). Maybe this would be a good time for you to know that you’re not the first person to reach this place in life. Several have preceded you and many will follow. And that’s okay. We at have some films about tough times in the Christian life you may enjoy…

Facing the Giants


Standing Firm

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