The Lost Medallion: The Adventure of Billy Stone - DVD ImageThis Children’s Christian movie is one that has been very popular amongst kids and adults. It has the right combination of truth, lessons, action suitable for kids and mystery. Also, the actor’s portraying these characters are well-recognized people in their craft so I believe that they do it really well and help you immerse yourself in the story. Some of the actor’s that contribute to this Christian DVD are Alex Kendrick (Courageous), Sammi Hanratty (Mom’s Night Out), Billy Unger (A Turtle’s Tale: Sammy’s Adventures), Jansen Panettiere (The Perfect Game), and others.

The Lost Medallion: The Adventure of Billy Stone is about how a man drops some donations off at a foster home and begins telling the kids there a story about two friends who find a medallion that takes them back in time.

This Christian movie begins in a place called Aumakua Island as Daniel Anderson (played by Alex Kendrick) finds many things to donate and he chooses to go to a foster home and drop them off. As he arrives at the foster home he is suddenly involved with the kids there and to their insistence, Daniel decides to tell them all a story. Here he starts telling them the story of Billy Stone and The Lost Medallion. In the story from this Christian DVD, Billy’s dad, Michael Stone is, in fact, an archaeologist and has spent pretty much all his life searching for the lost medallion. But after many years he still has not been able to find it and it indeed frustrates him. However, one day not really looking for it, Billy finds the medallion his father has spent years looking for. Also there with him, his best friend Allie. They both aren’t quite sure what it is or what the medallion means but they’re quite sure that the medallion is special and what Dr. Stone has been always looking for. For fun, Billy takes the medallion and makes a wish and suddenly he and Allie are taken back in time, 200 years back to be exact. They’re not sure what this means or what it means to have Billy’s wish come true but they immediately think it has something to do with the medallion Billy is holding.

The pair is actually in the place they’ve always lived Aumakua Island but it is definitely different from the place they’ve been used to seeing. The island is breathtaking as there are many caves and beautiful waterfalls that aren’t there in present day. Allie and Billy are in awe of the beauty represented in this moment in time on the island they’ve come to love. But in their few moment there on Aumakua Island, the medallion gets stolen. Now the two friends must start a dangerous journey to take back The Lost Medallion and learn about what its power holds for them. Now in The Lost Medallion: The Adventure of Billy Stone, Billy and Allie meet Cobra, the one who will do whatever it takes to keep the medallion and keep it away from them. This doesn’t stop Billy and Allie, they get the courage and overcome their fear to be able to finish the mission they wanted to fulfill. In need of survival and getting the medallion back, the pair has to learn how to work together as a team. They face some pretty dangerous encounters like animal traps, dangerous waterfalls, dark caves but they continue on working together. As their mission continues, both Allie and Billie from this Christian DVD learn what having true faith means and the real definition of friendship. These best friends grow in their friendship as they encounter these difficult situations and they lend a helping hand to each other during their adventure.

The Lost Medallion: The Adventure of Billy Stone - DVD Image

Now the best friends are seriously doubting if they’ll ever go back to the present but Billy realizes something. The medallion may be where they found it in the first place in the present. So they head to where they had first found the medallion and sure enough there it was but the medallion needs to be activated. Now, what will happen with Allie and Billy? Will they be able to go back to the present? Will the medallion work this time and take them home?

This is a great movie for kids and even adults as well. The Lost Medallion: The Adventure of Billy Stone tells a great lesson about the love God has for us. If you’d like to know what happens next in this Christian movie, you can find it for purchase at the Fishflix store.

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