What comes to mind when I mention family-friendly entertainment? For me, I think of any form of Christian media. I especially think of movies that don’t have any inappropriate content in them. But there’s certainly much more to these DVDs than that!

The goal of these Christian films and family centered materials is transcendent of just providing appropriate content. If appropriateness were the only goal, you could show your children documentaries on amoebas and cells in order to rest assured your son won’t be using any dirty language whatsoever (although, he may be calling his sister a flagellum, the scientific “F-bomb.”)

Rather, the more weighty matter when it comes to family-friendly entertainment is whether or not that content inspires an entire family unit and encourages each member of the family to honor the other members of that family. Family-friendly entertainment is an entire category where you and your family can escape the busyness that has engulfed just about everyone and their dog (dog hotels exist, people. Dogs are actually travelling now!). With that in mind, Fishflix.com would love to share a ground-breaking series with you, The Little House on the Prairie.

At Fishflix.com, we offer all 9 seasons of The Little House on the Prairie as well a Triple-Feature Little House on the Prairie Film Set. Take a look! You and your family are sure to enjoy this wonderful series about a time and place too far gone from our postmodern cell-phone attached facebook obsessed tweeting texting blogging blah culture. Enjoy!