The List is for sure one of my favorite movies, if not the best one I have seen in quite some time!

The DVD starts with a heart wrenching example of how drugs and addictions can separate a family in the worst of ways, which was the case for Jake (Scott Pryor) at a very young age. He was too young to be on his own and take the direction of his life into his own hands, but that is exactly what he did.¬†Feeling that he was the only one in his life that he could trust and rely on, Jake worked incredibly hard to get his life on track and made a list for himself to help achieve goals and “move up” in life.

His goals were lofty, including becoming a lawyer and even becoming a partner at the firm. It seemed with Jake’s determination and list to live by, nothing could get in the way. While he was currently in the position of being a lawyer, a partner at the firm, married with a little boy and a lot of wealth, everything was on his side and in his control. Or so he thought, which often times we all think.

Often putting what was really important, family and even the thought of faith, on hold, Jake quickly became vulnerable and at the mercy of the “unknown” as crisis struck, once again in the worst of ways. Family and work were not anything that he could control with his list, nor could his course of life change just by writing it on his list, almost his god.

Broken and what appeared to be alone, Jake was surprised by the appearance of a person at his door, a person he had been searching for his entire life. Although this person wasn’t God Himself, he practically could have been. For he delivered the message of God to Jake and showed Jake that he was not in control of his life and didn’t need to be. God was there, in the worst of his childhood and currently in the worst of his adulthood. Jake would have to open his heart to his world around him and see that God was carrying him through and would see him through to the end. He would just have to put his faith and trust in Him.

The List had such an impact on me. The tragedy that occurred in regards to his son, the “good intentions” that Jake had in life and the person that he was, and the overwhelming feeling that we could all find ourselves in such dire circumstances. The question becomes, who is it that we are going to call on and rely on to see us through it? What a moving example of the good that God brings and the purposes he has for each of our lives.

The List is a great movie for just about all ages, with great talented actors and actresses (Kristen Sharp, Montell Jordan) and a story that will bring you to tears of sadness, but leave you with tears of joy!