Taking you back to the 19th Century, The Light of Freedom is a reenactment of both the trials of the Civil War and the triumphs of the Underground Railroad.

The Light of Freedom is a DVD that has beautifully recreated the scene of what it looked like during the year of 1861. The clothes, the ways of living and the ways of war are all shown as if it were exactly that time. I was so impressed by how much detail was given to this and give this DVD so much credit for doing a fantastic job of making me, the viewer, feel like I was a part of that time period.

Having the scene set up so well really allows the viewer to engage in the differences between then and now, and how important these events were in our history. The Underground Railroad saved so many lives, yet put so many other people at risk. Station master, William Hanby put himself and his family at risk by going against the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 to save those he knew were loved and created equal by God, even though others didn’t hold that same standard.

While watching this DVD I couldn’t help but notice that The Light of Freedom included all age groups, showing how these historical events affected everyone, not just those at war. A perfect movie to watch as a family because even your children would be able to connect with the differences between the lives of kids then and now and see how we arrived to the way we live today.

This is an important part of our history and The Light of Freedom is a great way to get a glimpse of it. With great acting, excellent setting and a well written story line, I would recommend this DVD for everyone!