I recently wrote about The Imposter on the blog.  The film got some good press in the Assembly of God’s website.  They have posted a wonderful article that gets inside the personal and spiritual life of director Dan Millican.  The article speaks of Dan’s involvement in his church’s men’s ministry, which puts the film’s emphasis on male figures in Johnny C’s life in perspective with the director’s passions.  My prior about The Imposter focused on this aspect of the film.

The article features some great quotes about Daniel Millican decided to make a film for the Church.

Imposter Director Dan Millican

“Until The Imposter, I didn’t feel a release to do a movie for the church,” Millican explains. “At that point, the mission changed. This is a story that I hope really ministers to those who are in the church.”

The Imposter is a modern-day story of the Prodigal Son. In the movie, a Christian rock star is claiming Christ, but the movie reveals the star is living a lie – his Christian persona is not being lived out in real life. Ultimately, his self-absorption, me-first attitude and faux-Christianity betray him, costing him everything but his life. Yet, this story is not a quick-fix, all-is-well telling of the biblical event. On the contrary, the movie deals head on with the fact that sin — living in the “flesh” — has a steep and often painful price, even for those who do turn their lives over to Christ.”

There are also some good quotes from Jeff Deyo, the former Sonicflood singer about the heart behind the movie.  He says that the film “is directed at anyone in ministry, on the platform.”  As I said in my prior post, The Imposter is a great reminder that those on the pedistal are human like the rest of us.

Finally, the article gives some details of how the film has been used within churches to minister to the viewers and also to raise funds for worthy causes like Teen Challenge.