Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of the Christian music movement? I’ve had just a small glimpse through the eyes of a former roommate who had played in a Christian band that had enjoyed small-scale success (a tour, winning band competitions, a strong local following, etc.) This friend would often say that he had left the Christian music scene because it was easier to live the Christian life as a secular artist than as a member of a “Christian band.” He spared the details, but I often wondered what he meant by that.

Johnny C played by Kevin Max of DC Talk

The Imposter deals with this reality and shows the good and bad of an industry focused on glorifying God but filled with mortals; some of whom live up to the message of their music, and some who don’t. The Imposter is the story of a “Christian Band” whose lead singer, Johnny C (played by Kevin Max formerly of DC Talk) is “having issues”… to say the least.His problems go beyond “letting it go to his head” or “losing his first love.” His life has spiraled completely out of control, his marriage, his integrity, his finances, his addiction to painkillers… everything. And then it gets worse; he gets kicked out of the band.

Johnny C Played by Kevin Max of DC Talk

“James” Played by Jeff Deyo of Sonicflood

After leaving the band, three Christian men come into the life of Johnny C. His brother-in-law plays the classic “older brother” in the story. He is a self-righteous worship pastor who rejoices in Johnny’s downfall and mocks him as he attempts to recover.

Johnny C’s best friend and band-mate, (played by Jeff Deyo the former lead singer of Sonicflood,) does a little better.Although he loves Johnny and wants to reach out as a friend, he struggles to do so.He handles the wayward friend the way that so many of us do; he fails to reach out because he just doesn’t know what to say or what to do.He loves his friend and wants him to recover, but he misses the mark as well.

Finally an older man who they call “Proff” with a history in music, (played by former Kansas guitarist Kerry Livgren) comes into Johnny’s life.God uses Proff’s tough love, accountability, appealing to the Gospel and consistent support to win Johnny back to himself.

Proff played by Kerry Livgren of Kansas

“Proff” played by Kerry Livgren of Kansas

The fact that three veterans of the Christian music industry have collaborated on this project confirms that these realities exist within the world of Christian music. The Imposter gives a look at the insides of the Christian music industry that is helpful for all believers, but especially for those who we put on a stage (preachers, speakers, worship leaders, Christian athletes, youth workers, etc.) Those who sing for us, preach to us, lead us and entertain us are fragile human beings like us who need a continual walk with Christ in order to remain faithful to Him. We need to remember that those we elevate to a place of fame among us need the love and support of the Church as much as anyone else.