The Identical is a fun family film starring Ray Liotta, Ashley Judd and Blake Rayne.  The film is set in the early days of Rock and Roll and is based on a Ryan Wade, a young man who is separated at birth from his twin brother.  One brother, Drexel Hensley, becomes a major Rock and Roll star whose life parallels that of Elvis Presley, while Ryan is a pastor’s kid with a simple life.

Don’t worry; I’m not spoiling the story, as these parts of the story are made clear from the onset of the film.

As the film develops, Drexel becomes world famous, while his identical twin (Ryan) has to deal with what amounts to a lifelong identity crisis.  His father wants him to follow a call to pastoral ministry and pressures him to do it for his entire youth, at the same time, he’s drawn uncontrollably to music.

The Identical is a great story of a young man struggling with the tension between pleasing a father who loves him, and following the path in life that God has prepared for him.  The movie makes it clear that Drexel is made to preform as a musician and that this is his calling.

Over the course of the film the relationship between the father (played by Ray Liotta) and Drexel is very powerful and very well acted.  The father truly wants what’s best for his boy, and he is persuaded in his heart that the best thing is for Ryan to be a preacher like him.  Ryan on the other hand really, really wants to make his daddy happy, but doesn’t have the desire to do pastoral ministry, and has a much different desire in his heart.

I think The Identical would be really a great fit for folks who just want more good, clean quality Family entertainment, especially anyone who loves oldies music.  I also think it would be a meaningful film for those who’ve struggled with infertility, or have a history with adoption – the relationship between the adopted son and his father is very powerful.

The Identical lacks a strong Christian message, and I wouldn’t use this film to help someone determine God’s will for his or her life (I don’t think “Follow Your Dreams” is actually in the Bible.)  That said, I think the depiction of a man of God struggling to allow his son to make his own decisions, while still being an awesome godly role model is very well done. Most Christians will love this movie.

Do check out The Identical.  I’m glad I did.