by Philip Pfanstiel

The last movie in the “Love Comes Softly” series did not disappoint. Remaining true to the positive, heart warming and tender presentation of frontier life from the feminine perspective, “Love Finds a Home” found its mark.

I can’t say that it’s the best in the series, but it does deliver a nice summation of the series. From the pattern that Janette Oke established of moving from female to female in the family one could foresee a continuation of the series for an eternity. Eight is enough to get the idea.

Come to think of it, this may have been one of the themes Janette Oke intended; the passing on of a Godly faith from generation to generation. I often think about my own ancestors and am sorry that I know little more than their names if that much. This series does a superb job of following one family and its growth, expansion and influence on those around it. This pattern was undoubtedly carried out in thousands of families including my own, though I don’t know the details and characters as well as I now know the Love Comes Softly heroines.

The plot of “Love Finds a Home Movie” follows Belinda Simpson’s family and medical practice. Dr. Simpson is now happily married and their adopted daughter, Lillian, is of courting age. Frankly I was surprised to see this development as well. I jest. The series is “Love…” so romance is one recurring theme that even I could foresee. But in addition to the blossoming young love between Lillian and the father’s apprentice there is the care for Belinda’s very pregnant friend, Annie Nelson. The pregnancy goes without a hitch and everyone lives trouble free lives. Okay, not so much. While predictable the film deals with these complications with detailed brush strokes that are thoughtful and engaging.

Overall Oke does a fine job of creating drama with events that normal people struggle with and, with God’s grace, overcome. The film makers have been faithful to her vision by crafting films that are intimate, timeless and relatable. Love comes softly films are well worth the viewing and possible addition to your library. The girls in your family will love them, while the boys will pretend like they don’t, even after they watch every film. In a world full of cheap lust, and shallow love, this series of movies meets a desperate need for a serious portrayal of actual love played out through the tragedies and triumphs of real life. A love that comes softly, but brings you home.

Love Finds A Home will be released to DVD on November 17th 2009. It is currently available for pre order at