With this week’s conclusion of The Bible Miniseries on The History Channel comes the story of the greater part of the New Testament. As Pharisees have made the scriptures to be nothing more than impossible moral codes, Jesus introduces himself and seems to have no trouble shattering whatever preconceived ideas people have of what God is like.

Isn’t he so great at that?

Jesus seems to take pleasure in completely destroying whatever stereotypes we assign to him.

As soon as he comes on the scene, people think he is a normal carpenter from a pitiful town known for not producing much. That’s where he heals and feeds thousands of people out of nowhere.

But when people consider him to be a powerful rebel, he demonstrates his power by laying down his life? What’s that about?

Three days later, after the reality sets in that Jesus is dead, he walks through the wall?

Paul is convinced that Jesus is a dead heretic, then Jesus makes eye-blinding eye contact with him.

Paul on the Damascus Road

But it’s even bigger than that. Jesus will take the box we build for him and instead of getting inside, he’ll step on top where the weight of his glory will break apart our ideas of him in ways that inspire awe, fear, and love all at the same time.

In the Garden of Eden, God put Adam’s body together in precise detail and called it good. He then proceeds to cut out the very rib he just breathed the breath of life into.

In the Garden of Gethsemane, God put himself in the in a body much like the one he made for Adam. But this box we built for him, as a man, a religious figure, a guy way too interested in our church attendance…this box is far too small.

The box we built for him as a man was crushed as well, on Good Friday 2000 years ago. Like Paul and the disciples learned, every box-shattering move he makes reminds us that we are actually in his box. And the box he’s built is unshakable.

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