Many of you may have heard of missionary, Corrie ten Boom, but I had not. Not until I watched The Hiding Place recently, and boy am I forever changed.

The Hiding Place is a movie that was released in 1975 about Corrie ten Boom and her family who were “guilty” of hiding Jews during World War ll. After getting caught, each of them were taken and put into prison and later a concentration camp. Corrie and her sister Bestie, along with thousands of other women, were sent to Kamp Vught, where they were forced to work so hard, they were ultimately being worked to the point of death.

The Hiding Place shows the terrible, unbelievable living conditions that these women suffered through day after day, month after month. They lived in bunk houses that were made for 200 women but instead, 700 of them were forced to find space to rest. The bunk houses were infested with lice so badly that the guards wouldn’t even step foot inside them. And as terrible as this was, it was almost a blessing in the darkness because it allowed a place for Corrie and her sister to have a Bible study with some of the others, often twice a day.

Corrie talks about how God was always with them and the fact that she was able to successfully get through the check-in process without her Bible being discovered and confiscated, just proves that He was! Corrie and her sister Bestie led others to Christ during this time, even as The Hiding Place shows, in a time and place where you may feel God does not exist.

What a powerful, powerful testimony to who God is and the truth in the promises that He has given us. Although Corrie’s sister Betsie died just twelve days before Corrie was discharged, which later was discovered to be a clerical error, while Betsie lived she spoke the word of God and never seemed to lose sight of Him. She is quoted to have said, “There is no pit so deep that He is not deeper still.” And this message, among so many more, is what Corrie ten Boom has traveled to over 60 countries to share.

The Hiding Place is truly a life changing movie. It has challenged me in so many ways and was an example of faith that I had never seen before, not even close. The terrible things that Corrie ten Boom and her family went through, and some of them died from, were so evil and inhumane that it has taken me a couple of days to be able to shake it off. Her story has been on my mind non-stop and is a story that needs to continued to be shared with as many people as possible, forever. Because no matter how much time goes by, the horror of what happened and the undying faith that they showed, will never lose its truth and power.