The Heart of the War Room is the 5th movie by the Alex and Stephen Kendrick. The Kendrick brothers have brought us exceptional movies such as Flywheel (about Lordship), Facing the Giants (focus on Faith), Fireproof (about unconditional Love), Courageous (parenting with an emphasis on Fatherhood). This 5th movie, is a focus on the power of prayer in our everyday lives.
This movie is about a husband and wife having marital problems. Really they are going to war with each other. The wife has it together on the outside, but is falling apart on the inside. The husband is very callous towards his wife and really is focused on material things. The wife meets an older women who inquires about her prayer life. Like most of us today, she claims she doesn’t have time to pray. That changes when she creates a private prayer room. She is determined to fight for her family instead of going to war with her husband.
A lot of times as a society we pray to God when we need help, or if we need something. We don’t take time to Thank God for the things he has provided. We need to return to prayer, thanking God for the good and bad things in our lives. We need to recognize that God is the reason we are successful or struggling. We need to get back to Prayer.