The Encounter - DVD ImageIn this Christian movie, we encounter five different stories and watch them play out as they intertwine as well. I love movies that involve more than one story and figure out that they all connect somehow.

The Encounter is about five people who are quite different from each other who come together at a nearby diner due to a road closure. The diner’s owner seems to know much about their lives and to their surprise, he claims to be Jesus

In this Christian movie, we meet five people, complete strangers to each other. First, we meet Nick. He’s a former professional football player and is known for his stubbornness. Also, he knows all he’s accomplished therefore he is filled with pride and is arrogant. He also doesn’t like being corrected, he thinks his way is always the right way to do things and that no one can tell him what to do. In this Christian DVD, we also meet a married couple, Hank and Catherine. They are indeed married but are struggling to keep their marriage afloat. What is their main problem, you ask? Communication. They’re having a hard time communicating and it’s definitely causing a strain on their relationship. None of them want to admit they’re wrong because of their pride so the same cycle continues. Next, we have Melissa, she’s on her way to visit her boyfriend. Melissa herself is a believer in Christ but her boyfriend is actually an atheist. She knows she has chosen poorly and that is the wrong way to go therefore she is suffering from the consequences her choices have brought. Last but not least we have Kayla and she is a hitchhiker. In this moment she’s trying to escape from her past and run far away from the horrible situation that was her home. Kayla is a young woman filled with anger, bitterness and much pain but is open to finding that healing that she longs for. All of them need some sort of healing and long for it deeply even though some of them don’t admit it quite openly.

These people from The Encounter are all going to different places but the road that they’re going to take is blocked and there are no other roads that can lead them to where they want to go so all of them have to wait it out at the diner close by. The owner of the diner welcomes them warmly and seems to relate to all of them. As each person makes an order, the owner makes conversation with all of them. The group feels quite comfortable talking with the mysterious man and feel like they can open up to him. They feel so comfortable that they begin to tell him their struggles and things they haven’t ever said out loud.

For example, the diner’s owner helps Hank and Catherine from the Christian movie The Encounter with their communication problems as they’ve explained their difficulties to do so and don’t know how to save what they have. Also, Kayla is helped as she reveals the kind of situation she’s running away from. It is evident that she doesn’t know where to go from the place she’s in and that she’s filled with hurt. The owner of the diner helps Kayla figure out where she should go, helps her decipher what is better for her to do in the future and makes her realize that she has to forgive to be able to move forward. On the other hand, Melissa tells her story of dating someone who doesn’t share her same faith. That even though she knows she’s doing the wrong thing, she feels she loves the man and doesn’t want to change things. But the mysterious owner makes her realize the consequences of being in a relationship with a person who’s a non-believer and doesn’t respect the faith that for her is so important.

The majority of the people in the diner immediately become comfortable with the diner owner but Nick from The Encounter is quite hesitant in listening to him. Even though he’s hurting on the inside and longs for healing like everybody else, he acts strong and doesn’t want to listen to what the owner has to say. He really needs the help but doesn’t want to accept the help offered to him.

What will happen with the five individuals in the diner? Will the roads be back to normal? Will  they surrender to live a life according to Christ?

Find out by purchasing the Christian DVD The Encounter!

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