Our DVD of the Week for February 28-March 6 is The Eastern Bride

The Eastern Bride takes you a journey around the world with Pete de Jaeger, a young world-traveling businessman from South Africa.In his travels, he finds himself at well-known stops along the trade routes of our global economy, East Asia, Africa and the Arab world. Most significantly and relevantly, the film weaves together Pete’s travels in the Middle East and in China, where during the course of business, he finds himself interacting with Christians who are harassed and persecuted by neighbors, government officials and even terrorists.The film reminds us that our global economy is heavily dependent on trade with countries that oppress and sometimes even kill members of their struggling Christian minority groups.With the Middle East in the news so much these days and the rise of China, these stories couldn’t be more relevant.

The production quality of The Eastern Bride is a bit dated, but this can be forgiven when one recognizes that this film was made by Open Doors ministries to tell the story of the persecuted church, not to win any Oscars, and it does tell those stories well. Check out The Eastern Bride, the latest addition to our Family Bargain Videos category.  You’ll be able to pray more knowledgeably about the persecuted church.