The Case for Christ - DVD ImageThe Case for Christ is a film produced by the Christian production company PureFlix Entertainment and if you’ve enjoyed previous PureFlix films like both God’s Not Dead movies, I’m Not Ashamed, and others, you’ll definitely enjoy this one. This Christian movie is inspired by the true story and book of the same name written by Lee Strobel. And for those of you who have seen the Hallmark Channel series When Calls the Heart, Brian Bird, one of the executive producers and writers from the series wrote the screenplay for this movie. Lee’s story is amazing and to see it in a film makes it even more impactful.

When The Case for Christ begins we learn that Lee Strobel (played by Mike Vogel) works at the Chicago Tribune and is a reporter who focuses on legal incidents. Lee is someone who only believes in facts and he is sure that only facts are the ones who take down all ignorance and doubt. Because of this, he’s developed a household alongside his wife, Leslie (played by Erika Christensen), with an atheist belief. He is constantly reminding his daughter, Alison, of that and how they only believe in what the can visualize or touch.

Both Lee and Leslie have chosen to have this particular way of thinking but one night when Alison is gravely endangered by choking in a restaurant, a Christian nurse is able to save her. This absolutely impacts Leslie and her whole thoughts in belief in a great way. The nurse named Alfie (played by L. Scott Caldwell) mentions to the Strobels that she had felt that she needed to have dinner in that restaurant. That indeed it was in Jesus’ plan not coincidence or fate for her to be there to save Alison’s life. Of course, this sounds silly to Lee and dismisses Alfie’s thought. Leslie has been deeply moved by everything Alfie has said and without her husband knowing, she tracks down the nurse at the hospital she works at and agrees to accompany her to church. There she feels good and comfortable. Back home, she tells her husband of the decision that she accepted Jesus Christ in her life. This does not sound good to Lee. He is filled with anger and frustration as his wife gets “lost” in Christianity. At that moment he makes the decision to save his wife from going deeper in this faith by proving to her that the Christian belief can’t be validated by facts.

The Case for Christ - DVD Image

At work, one of his colleagues Kenny is actually a firm Christian who Lee doesn’t necessarily has a great relationship with. But nevertheless Kenny is sure of his faith and advises Lee that if he wants to discredit the Christian belief he has to investigate the resurrection of Jesus, where Christianity officially began. So as Lee takes on the challenge, he has his job at the tribune so he’s basically always working with two things at once. Lee from The Case for Christ attends a debate between a resurrection expert and an atheist. This is basically the start of his investigation and sparks more questions in his head. Lee begins to travel to different places and speaks with many scholars who in one way or another give him scientific and historic evidence that push the resurrection to be true. What he uncovers actually push him towards the faith he’s trying to invalidate.
Back home, Leslie continues to grow in her new faith and Lee notices the difference but it’s not like he likes it. This causes major arguments and strain in the relationship. At one point Lee is not sure if he should go on with Leslie because she’s believing in something he’s so much against. Leslie continues to pray for her husband, declares words of life for him and prays for him to have his eyes opened.

This movie is excellently made and confirms us even more that the resurrection of Jesus did happen. Not only because we believe it by faith and by the Bible but because it really happened according to several historic evidence available. Also, I love that this Christian movie pushes nonbelievers and encourages them to the reality of Jesus Christ and that He was really someone who walked the Earth and is who He said He was.

What happened with Lee and Leslie, you ask? I won’t spoil anymore so The Case for Christ is available here in! You won’t regret seeing this amazing film.

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