The Blind Side - DVD ImageIt’s Thanksgiving season! Time to gather with family, friends and just be thankful for all the blessings in life. I mean, we should be thankful daily but this time is quite special. What better way to get into the Thanksgiving spirit than watching this film.
This beautiful Christian movie is inspired by the true story of NFL player Michael Oher. And it’s based on the book by Michael Lewis called The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game. This movie has superb acting and I already recommend it to you!

The Blind Side takes us on the journey of Michael Oher, a homeless young man who later becomes an all-star football player and the first pick in the NFL draft. All of this with the support of a kind-hearted family.

The Blind Side starts with lead character Michael “Big Mike” Oher (played by Quinton Aaron) speaking to an NCAA investigator and the movie goes to a flashback.
We as the audience quickly learn that Michael’s mom is a drug addict, therefore, he is in foster care and has been living with several families in Tennessee. He’s never stayed much time with a specific family since he tends to always run away. Now Michael is sleeping on his friend’s couch. His friend’s dad speaks with the coach of Wingate Christian School hoping he can enroll his son and his friend Michael. Immediately the school’s coach is fascinated by Mike’s ability and size so coach Cotton manages to get him in the school even though Mike didn’t have the best grades. Later on, Michael begins a friendship with a younger kid called Sean Jr. or SJ.
SJ is the son of Sean Tuohy (played by Tim McGraw), a very well-put businessman, and of Leigh-Anne (played by Sandra Bullock), a very determined interior designer.

Later on, after a school volleyball game, Sean and Leigh-Anne had attended to see their daughter Collins (played by Lily Collins), both of them see Mike looking for what food was left by people in the bleachers. On another occasion, Leigh-Anne sees Michael walking in the rain and cold without proper clothing. This, of course, is strange to her but when she knows that he plans to sleep outside the school gym she offers to have him sleep on her couch at home. The next day Michael is about to leave the house when Leigh-Anne invites him over for Thanksgiving dinner. With this, Mike starts spending more time with Leigh-Anne and her family, making him feel welcome always and an honorary member of the family.

The Blind Side - DVD Image

This, of course, looks weird to Leigh-Anne’s friends and they comment on how it’s probably not safe for her daughter Collins to be so near Mike. This doesn’t sit well with Leigh but she asks her daughter about her thoughts of Mike staying with them, just in case. Collins completely agrees with having Mike there, where else would he go? Since Mike is still seventeen years old, Leigh wants to become his legal guardian and there she is informed that at seven years old Mike was taken from his mother because of her drug-addiction and they didn’t know where she was. Also that even though Mike scored a low percentile on a career aptitude test, he scored high percentage in protective instincts. So in the field when Mike from The Blind Side was hesitant to fully play with his strength, Leigh-Anne is sure to explain to him that he has a job in that field. To protect the quarterback and use his strength and size for that purpose. His playing improves daily and has a real chance in getting in a great college team. But to achieve that he has to get his grades up so Leigh-Anne hires a tutor to help him with that. Michael’s birth mother comes back and Leigh-Anne takes the moment to speak with her about adopting Michael. His mother at first doesn’t know what to tell Leigh-Anne but agrees for that to happen.

Now, will Michael get his grades up? Will he get adopted by the Tuohy family? Will he get into a good college and play football? I won’t spoil anymore and I completely recommend you to get this film and find out.

The importance of family, love beyond blood and kindness to others, are some of the themes reflected in The Blind Side. You can find this movie in the Fishflix store at

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