Our nation and culture have been moving further and further into the post-modern mindset. For the longest time, the post-modern mindset seemed to be reserved solely for those who’ve decided not to believe in the existence or sovereignty of any God whatsoever. Many Christians have been thoroughly attracted toward atheism (or any other belief system) and away from believing in Jesus Christ as their Lord due to the clever technique that Jesus in fact brought to the earth…questions.

Many Christians have been disappointed as they asked what they consider to be the “BIG” questions but were met with statements that excused their curiosity and encouraged ignorance rather than investigation. But now, one must ask, what have we been afraid of? Is not God the All-knowing God anyway? Would not a pursuit of knowledge (notice I said pursuit, not worship) lead to him? Many have been afraid of the BIG questions…but we don’t have to be.

Rather than be afraid of having to answer the “BIG” questions that come and will keep coming from the next generation of young Christians, we at FishFlix.com have decided not to keep you hanging. Here are some of our favorite films that approach the biggest and possibly most challenging questions about our God, our Universe, and our Existence in the midst of them. Take a look!

The Case for Faith

The Case for Christ

The Case for a Creator

(All 3 Lee Strobel films are available in one affordable volume here.)

Does God Exist?

The Heavens Declare & The Heavens Declare: Beyond the Milky Way

Evolution vs. Creation: On a Level Playing Field

Where Does the Evidence Lead?

Icons of Evolution

The Privileged Planet

Unlocking the Mystery of Life

The Intelligent Design Collection