A classic trend has met a new generation with quite the collision occurring in cities all across the United States. Since Cain and Abel, godly men and women have aimed to raise their children to know and serve the Lord as they get older and become adults. Sunday school classes, Christian education, children’s church, Christian DVDs (or nowadays, blu-rays), and family-friendly media have not just been produced for people who are content to see their children outgrow their faith in Christ.

Around the time that a teenager transitions to adulthood, he or she begins to ask questions. Now, any parent knows their small child can be quite inquisitive regarding just about everything. But for many young adults, the time comes where they start to ask the BIG questions. You know, “Does God Exist?” “How do I know God created me, has faith in me, and died for me?”

Far too many parents have attempted to avoid these questions or shield their children from possibly disappointing answers. But these questions should spark the furthest excitement for a person of faith! Our adherence to the Word of God enables us to believe in the power of His word.

Perhaps you’ve experienced a situation with an adult that doesn’t know the Lord where you tried your best to steer the conversation toward the person of Jesus and the possibility that they’d listen to you address those BIG questions you’ve come to believe the Bible answers. Addressing these issues with your child or young adult is a primetime opportunity that should never be skipped over or avoided.

This next generation of young people is becoming the next generation of twenty-somethings. The opportunity to steward the Word of God into this generation’s lives is not to be taken lightly. Don’t be afraid of the BIG questions. God surely isn’t. Be excited to hear what someone you love may be questioning, God surely is!

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