The Bible: Epic History Channel Mini Series - DVD ImageWhen this mini series aired on the History Channel I was really intrigued to see how all the stories we’ve learned to know and love from the Bible were going to be portrayed on our screens. After watching the series in its entirety I quickly came to the conclusion that this series is so true to the Bible and its content plus the series definitely has some amazing representations of each story. Roma Downey and Mark Burnett are the executive producers of The Bible Mini Series and they managed to utilize an amazing group of actors whose performances were spot on and great special effects which add a unique and adventurous feel to all the stories. To see a series being made with its focus on the Bible and Jesus’ story is very rare. So as you can imagine, I was pretty excited to see it.

For this DVD release, The Bible Mini Series contains 4 DVDs that in total contain 10 hours of episode content. In its television release, The Bible Mini Series aired on the History Channel during the whole month of March of 2013. Having the release very close to the Easter holiday. The Bible takes us on a journey from the start in Genesis to Acts and 1 John.

The first DVD of The Bible Mini Series shows us several stories from the first two books of the Bible, Genesis, and Exodus. Here it is shown how Creation began but how sin entered its way since Adam and Eve also how mankind since that moment was in a downward spiral. Because of this, God indicated Noah to build a boat and we see how this story unfolds. The Earth has a fresh start and Noah and his family are the ones to inhabit it. Later on, in The Bible Mini Series, we meet a man named Abraham. Many things occur with Abraham and I love that the series shows the most important of them like the covenant promise God makes with him, the birth of Ishmael, Abraham’s wife has a baby and they name him Isaac, God’s test for Abraham, asking him to sacrifice his own son and many others moments that are essential in the Bible. Also in this first DVD, we see how the book of Exodus is represented. Here we meet Moses and see his wonderful story take place. How he was at first living in Pharaoh’s palace and then discovers his true identity. How he flees to the desert and God speaks to him through a burning bush asking him to free His people. We also see the journey to the Promised Land and the Ten Commandments.

The second DVD takes us further into the Bible, specifically to the books of Deuteronomy through 1 Kings. Now Joshua is leading the Israelites to the Promised Land. Later as generations continue to be born, like it’s said in the book of Judges, we meet Samson and see the continuous feud between the Philistines and the Israelites. Later on, we see how the Israelites are asking for a king, so Saul enters the picture as the King anointed by God. The Philistines and Israelites continue to be enemies and right at this point, David fights Goliath. Here we begin to see Saul’s jealousy towards David and so begins his downward spiral as later on David becomes the new King of Israel. The highs and lows of King David are represented and reminds us that even though David was a man after God’s own heart, he made mistakes. But God’s mercy and forgiveness were still present in David’s life no matter how many times he failed.

The third DVD contains stories from Daniel and some of the final books of the Old Testament. It also does a segway to the beginning of the New Testament. We meet young Mary and how the whole Nativity story comes to be. Later on, we come to see what comes to be the beginning of Jesus’ ministry when he gets baptized by his friend John the Baptist, who is preparing everyone he can to Jesus’ ministry.

The Bible: The epic History Channel Mini Series - DVD Image

The fourth and last DVD focuses on Jesus’ walk through his ministry, him choosing the disciples, his teachings and miracles. But also his trial in front of the Romans, crucifixion, and resurrection. Later on, we follow the disciples as they continue to take Jesus’ message throughout the continents.

The Bible Mini Series is a wonderful resource to have and it is so powerful. I completely recommend for you to see it. Find it at!

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