the bible stories: david - DVD ImageThe story of David’s life is monumental and quite important since from him comes the lineage of Jesus. One of the things I love about this story is that of course, David wasn’t perfect and he made so many mistakes but he never took his sight off of God and his hope and faith in Him were loyal. So many things happen to David since childhood till adulthood and I love that this movie shows the majority of those meaningful moments good or bad that shaped his life.

So in this Christian movie, it is presented at the beginning like it says in the Bible that David was just shepherd and wasn’t considered much actually. His father’s name was Jesse and since David was the youngest son, he was always left out on things. Now, this is when the story begins to change in The Bible Stories: David, soon Samuel, the prophet, came to visit Jesse and informs him that one of his sons will be God’s chosen king. Immediately Jesse gathers up his sons and presents them before Samuel. Since the prophet was so connected to God he would pass over each of Jesse’s sons but he was told to not choose any of them. That moment Samuel asks Jessie if he had other sons and in fact, Jesse tells him that he did have a younger son who was out with the sheep. So David from the Christian DVD The Bible Stories: David was called out to present himself in front of Samuel and he is the chosen king to rule Israel. But of course this caused a few problems since David was not an heir to the throne and Saul was already king and he did not like the idea of somebody taking his place. But soon of the Philistines attack and they send out their biggest fighter, Goliath, to battle with anyone brave enough from Saul’s camp. No one from his army wanted to fight Goliath but David stepped up with only a sling and some stones. David slung a stone towards Goliath and it hit the giant in the center of his head and killed him. David knew that God was with him.

After the event with Goliath, David was known by everybody because of his incredible victory with the giant who was originally considered one of the world’s finest warriors. David was basically famous and he soon became music player for Saul in his courtroom. At first Saul from the Christian movie The Bible Stories: David, actually loved David but soon that love became envy as Saul was sure that David wanted to take away his throne. At this point Saul has made some attempts to kill David so, in order to save his life, David escapes. Saul would continue to go after David but he eventually dies and so does his son Jonathan so this means that now David is king of Israel. So like I mentioned before David was a good man and loved God but he made a few mistakes like being with Bathsheba, the wife of one of his men and eventually sending her husband to be killed in the line of battle. God sent Nathan, a prophet, to tell David of his punishment. Soon David truly repents from what he has done and asks God for forgiveness and indeed it is granted to him but there were going to be consequences like for example his first son dies. This event shook him at first but later he continues to be the king of Israel and eventually is considered one of the greatest leaders to ever live.

Apart from David’s Kingdom and the mistakes he made, David from this Christian movie wrote beautiful Psalms filled with love and praises towards God and here is considered a man after God’s own heart. Like I mentioned before he was a man who made many mistakes, he had his ups and downs like all of us do it’s But the important thing is that he acknowledged those mistakes and he admitted to them. He worked to better his mistakes and be a better Christ follower in person even though his bad actions brought him consequences.

The story presented in The Bible Stories: David is really beautiful and inspiring so I recommend for you to watch this Christian DVD. You can find it at the Fishflix store!

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