Four round rubber wheels.


A Radio.

Air Conditioning and Heating.

Windows that can be rolled down.

All wrapped up in about 2 tons of metal arranged in specific, intricate parts in order to operate properly by travelling at different speeds.

You are most likely very familiar with that which I have just described. You read those descriptions and think to yourself, “Of course! He’s describing a car!”

And you would be correct in your assessment. But no where in my description or your reading did you sense the adrenaline rush that is experienced when one sits in a car and drives at high speeds down the highway.

Truly, detailed and true words written down on a piece of paper are a great way to learn and understand something…

But experiencing it…that is something else entirely.

The Bible Miniseries on The History Channel is an illustrated adaptation of the events written in the Bible brought forth with life and color. Mark Burnett and Roma Downey have created what feels more like going down a long road at 75 miles per hour with the windows down rather than simply reading words off a page. The first part of The Bible Mini Series aired last night on March 3, 2013 at 7 pm CST. My expectations were that such a program would be informative and insightful, like most other adaptations of the scriptures. But I soon realized that the images on my television were much more than I had expected. From the production quality exceeding what I was used to seeing in Christian films to the accuracy of the story being portrayed, I was blown away.

I found myself having to stand up as I watched at the most climactic moments of the first episode. The 2 hour program began with a vivid portrayal of Noah with his family in the Ark as storms toss them back and forth. In this opening segment, Noah describes to his family the history of the world with words from Genesis. As he shares, scenes of pivotal events that happened before the flood are shown. This leads up to the main stories for the night. Adrenaline inducing portrayals of the lives of Abraham and Moses bring the audience a more relevant understanding of what it may have been like to step into the shoes, and robes, of the characters of the Bible.

For most of my life, I have been read the words of the Bible and have been taught how to read them myself. I have even ridden alongside those who are living their lives according to the teachings of the Bible. But none of those could have adequately prepared me for what I experienced when I sat in the “driver’s seat” for the very first time. As I sat back to watch part one of the fantastically produced mini series, The Bible, I was reminded of the first time I decided to roll the windows down and enter the highway that is the Christian faith. Jesus taught that the road to heaven was narrow, but he never said it would be boring. The Bible Miniseries on The History Channel has justified my anticipation of this upcoming second installment where I, along with millions across the nation, will sit down to buckle ourselves in and once again, go for a drive.

You can pre-order the 4 DVD 10 Part Mini Series: The Bible online at at a great price.