The first episode of the long-awaited Epic Miniseries “THE BIBLE” ran last night on The History Channel and it was awesome.  The episode: “Beginnings” starts out with Noah on the Ark telling his children the story of creation, the fall and man’s decline into sin that led to the flooding of the earth.

After the flood, the story picks up with Abraham, Sarah and Lot.  God promises Abraham to make his people into a great nation, but Sarah, Lot and Lot’s wife struggle to believe.  Eventually Lot and his family go their separate way and Sarah convinces Abraham to conceive a child with the slave girl Hagar.  Ishmael is born to Hagar as Abraham turns away from God’s plan, but God has not forgotten his promise.  Finally Isaac is born to Abraham and Sarah and Abraham is ensured an heir.

The story picks up next with Moses in Pharaoh’s court and the Israelites serving as the slaves of the Egyptians, building the great city on the Nile.   THE BIBLE follows the Moses’ banishment from Egypt, his restoration to the place of Israel’s leader, the plagues and the exodus very closely, until the Israelites are on the banks of the Red Sea questioning God again.   God delivers His People from the Egyptians once and for all at the crossing of the Red Sea, and the series’ second hour closes with Joshua’s scouts going into the walls of Jericho and being protected in by the prostitute Rahab.

The stars of the show for the first installment are Abraham and Moses, played by Gary Oliver and  William Houston; both simple men learning through the most trying of circumstances to trust God and His promise.

I loved the first two hours of the series.  I was amazed at the quality of the cinematography and the beauty of the filming exhibited in the filming of the Ark on the great waters, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and the parting of the Red Sea.  This is truly a biblical epic film like none yet undertaken.  I’m very impressed with the quality of production and the lack of liberty taken with the scripture.  This is a film that God can use in great ways to tell the Story of his people.

Next week’s episode will run on The History Channel at 7:00pm CST on Sunday March 10th.  I look forward to watching future episodes and writing about them here.  I’ll be talking about how God used this film to impact my life in a video blog that will be released tomorrow.

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– Written by Jake Olson – purchasing manager