The Bible Collection: Joseph - DVD ImageThis Christian movie, in my opinion, is very well executed. Apart from a very loyal representation of Joseph’s story from the Bible but the group of actors giving life to these characters are amazing. Also, movie legends like Martin Landau and Ben Kingsley who execute such great performances take The Bible Collection: Joseph movie to a new level. The story of Joseph is deeply profound and powerful, a great example of how far God can take you when you trust in Him and follow the path that He makes for you.

The Bible Collection: Joseph movie is inspired by the story of Joseph from the Bible. Where he is sold to slave owners by his brothers because he was considered their father’s favorite child and because they were jealous of his prophetic abilities and dream analysis accuracy.
Now, let’s go more in-depth into this Christian movie! At the start of the movie we meet Joseph, although a slave of Egypt’s Pharaoh Potiphar, he is still in charge of the palace guards. At first Joseph’s overseer, Ednan, makes Joseph’s life impossible when he learns that Joseph doesn’t show deference to an Egyptian god. But when Joseph shares that he can read he gains Ednan’s respect. Eventually, Joseph is given the huge responsibility to be in charge of Pharaoh Potiphar’s home and taking the opportunity, Potiphar’s wife tries to seduce Joseph but to no avail. This frustrates and angers her that she accuses Joseph of taking advantage of her and wants him executed. When Pharaoh hears of this he has some doubts since he knew that his wife had been unfaithful before and he knew that he could trust in Joseph. Potiphar asks Joseph to show his faithfulness to him and Joseph decides to tell him about his life.

At this point, we meet Jacob, Joseph’s father and Rachel, Joseph’s mother, who dies after giving birth to Joseph’s younger brother Benjamin. We learn that Joseph has ten half brothers and half sister from Leah, Rachel’s sister. At one point in the film, Jacob is angry with his oldest son Reuben and grants authority over the family to Joseph. This is one of the reasons why his brothers begin to feel jealousy over him. Other circumstances take place and Jacob gives Joseph a multi-colored coat which was seen like he preferred Joseph over all his brothers so this only increases his brothers’ jealousy towards him. What makes the brothers think of taking the matters into their own hands is that Joseph interprets dreams and is frequently telling them all about it. Especially one where his father and his brothers would all kneel before him. Of course, this doesn’t sit well with his brothers but since they didn’t want the guilt of actually killing him, they throw him into a pit and sell him to some slave owners. How would they explain this to their father? Well, they covered the multi-colored coat with animal blood and tell Jacob that Joseph was killed by a ferocious animal.

The Bible Collection: Joseph - DVD ImageAfter telling this story, Potiphar demands again to know what exactly happened between Joseph and his wife. Joseph maintains the same answer he had said before but Potiphar sends him to the palace’s prison. A few years later, Joseph is in charge of some prisoners and is quite known for interpreting dreams as he interprets the dreams of the royal cupbearer and royal baker who are both in prison. Then after Pharaoh has two dreams and asks Joseph to interpret them. Joseph does as asked and prophesizes that years of hunger and famine would be coming to Egypt. Not liking what he hears, Pharaoh throws Joseph back to prison. But after Potiphar has the same dream it serves as some kind of confirmation and asks for Joseph again. This time Joseph helps Pharaoh execute a plan and with this Potiphar names Joseph governor of Egypt, basically Pharaoh’s right-hand man.
Then the famine arrives and back in Canaan where Jacob lived with his family is where it was worse. Jacob knows of the abundance of food in Egypt so he sends his sons there for food. Years have passed since the brothers saw Joseph last and basically they gave him for dead. What a surprise they’ll have!

I’m not going to spoil anything else so if you’d like to see what happens next, The Bible Collection: Joseph movie is available at!
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