Thanksgiving 2008:
After celebrating and feasting with friends and family, we thought that a good way to close out the day would be to relax and enjoy a DVD.

Over the last 6 weeks, we’ve sold hundreds of the DVD “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.” My wife and I have been more than a little curious about the appeal of this 1983 made-for-TV movie based on the Barbara Robinson novel, written in 1972. The cover is certainly nothing impressive, and obviously it’s quite dated, all that withstanding, we’re selling them like crazy. After putting out little one down to sleep, we watched it and it couldn’t have been more fitting.

The premise of the movie is simple; It’s Christmas time and the Church is preparing for the Christmas Pageant. The churchy kids and upstanding families don’t know what to do when a group of six poor, dirty, bullying, smoking, cussing kids sign up for the Christmas pageant. As they work it all out, the film moves it’s way toward a warm message of love that can be enjoyed by everyone.

This film rings of nostalgia. Made in the early 80’s, it’s the trip to the past that you’d expect. The fun part about the film for me is that it’s also a trip back to the Sunday School of my youth. This film takes place in a time before “Mega-Churches” and “Education Wings.” These kids went to Sunday School in the basement of a little church building, just like I did. I loved seeing those kids in that little old church. We enjoyed it, laughed and were a little touched. This was a perfect film to put us in the Christmas mood.

By the end, it was clear what the appeal for this film is.┬áThe Best Christmas Pageant Ever Ever is film that would have stayed in the hearts of the boys and girls who watched it as children. These kids, now grown, must be thrilled to share this heart-warming story with their own kids, and in the process take a trip back their own childhood. I know it did that for me, and I look forward to watching it with my boy when he gets a little older. I wouldn’t be surprised if “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” becomes a Thanksgiving night tradition for our young family.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!