The Beautiful Beast: A Beauty and the Beast Story - DVD ImageBeauty and the Beast is definitely considered a classic among stories in society today. One where a young woman is trapped in a castle and there lives a beast. With time she gets to now the beast and falls in love with him. Classic, right? Now, the story presented in this Christian movie is sort of an homage to this classic tale.

The Beautiful Beast: A Beauty and the Beast Story is about Isabelle Elliott (played by Shona Kay), a beautiful woman on the outside who becomes lost in the woods and bumps into Jeremy, a man hiding from a past that he’d like to forget. He easily puts her into place and she begins to fall in love with him.

At the beginning of this Christian movie we meet Isabelle, she comes from a lot of money and is, in fact, a socialite. She really doesn’t care about anyone in the world other than herself. She had money and that was what truly mattered to her. She’s constantly overspending and involved in morally wrong parties and events. All of this causes her to be in trouble and is suddenly being threatened to have her out of the family money. But do you think this stops her? No. She decides to use the company plane and go spontaneously to Switzerland with her friend and ski but her plans go awry. In Switzerland Isabelle and her friend get into an argument and separate but soon Isabelle ends up alone and lost in the snowy woods. Here she meets Jeremy Edmunds (played by Brad Johnson), an American who has built a house in the middle of the woods and mountains to experience peace and solidarity, away from all the noise. There are some horrible storms coming in plus she breaks her ankle so basically Isabelle can’t leave therefore she stays in his cabin. Jeremy and Isabelle from The Beautiful Beast: A Beauty and the Beast Story start to spend some time together and they start to realize all their differences. Like, Isabelle likes to party and spend as much money as she can. On the other hand, we have Jeremy who is very private, and basically quite down to earth. By this time in the Christian movie The Beautiful Beast: A Beauty and the Beast Story, Jeremy and Isabelle don’t like each other that much.

Jeremy nurses Isabelle back to health and quite frankly she is surprised by him, pleasantly surprised. At first, she was a bit hesitant about who he was which made her quite confused but soon she starts seeing him in a new light. She begins to learn that money isn’t everything and that it can’t bring her the happiness that she desires. As Jeremy is nursing her back to health and spending time with her, Isabelle from this Christian DVD begins to understand why he has chosen to live the life he has been living which is a simple and peaceful life. So everything Isabelle had thought of as important suddenly begins to shift while seeing Jeremy’s example.

Over the years Isabelle had had many suitors and significant others but in reality, none of the men were so attentive and truly caring towards her. They only “cared” for her money and her social background, they basically wanted something out of that “relationship” and out of Isabelle herself. So when she meets Jeremy from the Christian movie The Beautiful Beast: A Beauty and the Beast Story she is taken aback at how different he is from the guys she’s used to meeting. It takes her a while to fully understand and grasp his way of thinking. But therefore, she begins to fall in love with him. He really doesn’t care about her money or what she can “give”, all he wants is to love her and care for her, nothing else.

Even though Isabelle really learns so much from him about for example how money isn’t everything and that it can’t buy happiness, I think she is a breath of fresh air that was suddenly missing in his life and her vivacious spirit is quite present throughout. So during this Christian movie, they both learn different lessons about life, which I love.

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