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What I love about this Christian movie is that we have a glimpse of the Apostle Peter’s life after his days with Jesus. Days filled with persecution but also days filled with God’s presence and sharing His word with others. To have people open their hearts towards the Gospel and be transformed by the way. This Christian movie is made possible by PureFlix Entertainment

The Apostle Peter and the Last Supper tells the story of how just a few days before his execution, the Apostle Peter, an elderly man now, tells his prison guard about his time with the Lord Jesus.

At the beginning of this Christian DVD, it’s the year 67 A.D. and it locates us in Rome. Its ruler is Emperor Nero who has been in a powerful position for more than twelve years. But throughout his ruling, he has been persecuting those who follow Jesus’ teachings and now has in his hands one of the leaders of said Gospel, Peter. Of course, the Apostle Peter is not fearful of Emperor Nero and all of the years he’s been taking down those who follow Jesus’ teachings. Peter is sure of who he has believed in, a belief he has hold dearly longer than the time Nero has been in charge of the Roman Empire.

Since Jesus had called him Paul had been a follower of the Gospel and had given his life for people to hear about it. This is a man who had the guts to attack a Roman guard just to protect his teacher, but also he denied Jesus three times close to His crucifixion. After all of this Paul was a man with a fire inside, a fire to speak to others about Jesus and had a strong faith. He had become an important pillar. But at this moment Peter from The Apostle Peter and the Last Supper is no longer the young man he was before. Now he is old with age, his life is soon to end and he’s being held prisoner in an ancient cell. But this doesn’t diminish his faith and his courage but in fact, he grows stronger in them. It is that exact faith that Emperor Nero fears the most. And because of that faith is why Peter (played by Robert Loggia) has been thrown in prison. But on the other hand, it’s that faith that intrigues a young Roman, his prison guard named Martinian (played by Laurence Fuller). Martinian from this Christian DVD informs Peter that he wouldn’t be capable of following and believing in something that would make him end up in jail. But Peter continues to represent kindness, confidence, a calm demeanor and an extreme faith that continues to intrigue Martinian even more. Peter chooses to tell this young man his story and the gospel represented through some flashbacks.

The Apostle Peter and the Last Supper - DVD Image

Martinian is not alone, in fact, he has a wife named Novella (played by Sarah Prikryl) who is eager to see Peter at one point in this Christian movie. She has high hopes that by seeing him, he will pray for her so it can be possible for her to have a baby. During this time Peter talks to Martinian about several moments of his past as a direct follower of Jesus and different experience he lived, for example, the last supper he shared with Jesus and the rest of the Apostles and the exact moment when Jesus himself informs them that one of his disciples was going to betray him.
I really enjoy this because not only do we see deeper into Peter’s story but we have a glimpse of some of the other Apostles, who they were and how they presented themselves.

Peter continues to tell his story and at the end, he informs the young Roman guard that Jesus has given him a choice. To believe these anecdotes and give his heart to Jesus or not but it was important he knew he had a choice. This story is a great reminder that we are all fallen people, we make mistakes and we become non-deserving of everything good God has for us but there are grace and mercy. There’s redemption for all of those who choose to follow Jesus and beginning a new life is a 100% sure thing. What will Martininan choose?

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