The Courage to make a Difference, the Courage to Stand, the Courage to Bring About Change

Our freedom in the United States to worship the God up above, has come to us at a hefty price. History reveals to us the people in history that have shown their courage and bravery to proclaim their faith and demand that all people have the freedom to believe.

Sybil Ludington was a young girl that played a significant role in the fight for our freedom to honor our God, and not the British crown. This DVD shows the reality of the tough choices that families had to make- whether they were to remain loyal to the crown and reduce opposition, or if they were to rebel against them and stand up for their faith and freedom.

As you watch the Sybil Ludington DVD, your mind will be brought back to what it took for people to have what we have now- freedom to worship and practice our faith. It reminds you of what we sometimes take for granted, and the people who helped make it possible.

Compared to Paul Revere, Sybil Ludington made an incredibly brave choice one very important night. Sherode out into a storm knocking on peoples homes making them aware that war was about to happen and all were needed. She rode her horse 40 miles, alone in her efforts to help save New York in the Revolutionary War. She rode her horse in courage strength and bravery, all in the name of God and the preservation of her freedom to proclaim her faith in Him.

The Sybil Ludington DVD does a fantastic job recreating what it would have been like at the time of the war for Independence. The costumes, the sets, and the ways and means of living are all very well demonstrated. Viewers of all ages will catch a glimpse of history and how different their lives were from what we are living today. A great visual to remind us of what we take for granted, and maybe even to remind us of the courage and bravery we too are to have in our faith.