surprised by love - DVD ImageValentine’s Day is very close now that February is upon us and it’s the perfect occasion to sit by the TV and see a Hallmark Channel movie. Surprised by Love is one of my favorites and a perfect Christian movie to see during this romantic holiday. I’ve always enjoyed Hilarie Burton’s work and she does not disappoint in this movie.

Surprised by Love is about how a focused businesswoman aims to lure her high-strung parents into accepting her boyfriend but instead, she’s reunited with an old love interest from high school and her feelings change.

In this lovely Christian movie we meet Josie Mayfield (played by Hilarie Burton).she is a businesswoman who is actually running the family company. To go more into detail of what this company is, Josie runs her dad’s kitchenware Corporation which means that they sell many things for kitchen use so basically her life has always revolved around these types of things. But she really doesn’t cook in real life and she really doesn’t like her job. Also recently, for most parts of her daily life, Josie is always trying to seek the approval from her parents towards her boyfriend Richard (played by Aaron Craven) and it really doesn’t end the way she wants it to. And one day in this Christian movie, Josie and her boyfriend run into her old high-school love interest Gridley Maxwell (played by Paul Campbell) at the park, she comes up with an idea. So before Richard came along Josie’s parents really, really didn’t like Gridley when they first met him back when the kids were in high school. In Josie’s mind this is the perfect scenario because if she brings Gridley home with her, her parents will see how Richard has greater traits and will like Richard better eventually.

There is a celebration happening in the Mayfield household since it is Joseph and Claire Mayfield’s 40th anniversary. For many years the family presented in this Christian DVD has basically just worried about the appearances and showing up to the neighbors and trying to make a lot of money. So if they have left the family part just fall to the side and have not given it the importance it needs. Yes, Josie’s parents are about to celebrate their 40th anniversary but Claire and Joseph have lost the spark in their marriage. Their unhappiness is reflected and the couple and they have this high-strung control of their daughters. Staying with the Mayfield’s from Surprised by Love is granddad who doesn’t speak at all so everybody thinks that he has dementia but secretly he has been faking it for two years because of the whole family situation. Also during the celebration, we meet Mindy (played by Leanne Lapp) Josie’s younger sister who’s basically overlooked constantly by her parents and she recently dropped out of college. So having all of her family together is not a really joyous thing. Josie from Surprised by Love continues on with her plan and bring Gridley home and all those not so good memories from him in high school come back to her parents’ mind.

Gridley has a free spirit so the for the past few years he has traveled the world and is making a living out of making and selling sculptures made out of driftwood and to top it all off he is dating Josie again (apparently). Things don’t begin as well as Josie planned but soon grizzly start creeping into everyone’s hearts in the Mayfield home that even Claire and Joseph start thinking that maybe they were a bit too harsh on Gridley from the Christian movie Surprised by Love when they first met him years ago. Basically, Gridley comes in truly show what family is or at least remind them of it. He reminds this family that it’s not always the being better at something or making this amount of money, that family is being there for someone and that its love stays there forever. So Josie’s plan at the beginning was to show that compared to Gridley, Richard was a great catch but now she has started to secretly in a different light and finds herself falling in love with him again.

I love how this movie represents family and how it is important to grant each other second chances even though families aren’t perfect.

If you want to know the full story of how this all happened, make sure to purchase Surprised by Love!

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