There has been much debate over Tim Tebow and his future in the National Football League. Christian media has been no stranger to Tebow’s need for support in light of standing up for what he believes. After Tebow wore “John 3:16” on his face during several football games, thousands of people look up the meaning of the verse and learned about the God who so loved the world that he gave his one and only son. After the attention got serious, players were no longer allowed to write any messages whatsoever on their faces during football games.

The supposed religious persecution debate regarding Tebow has gone all over the map as much as Tebow has himself, going from team to team in hopes of signing a contract to play football professionally. In the meantime, has made available a documentary telling the story of Tim Tebow’s journey all the way to football greatness. Though the story is still being told, Tebow has endured several waves of difficult circumstances and overcame each of them in an effort to achieve greatness and spread the gospel while doing so.

You can find Tim Tebow all over the news, sports programs, and even television commercials nowadays. And thankfully, has been able to get a piece of Tebow also! Everything In Between will bring you up close to Tebow’s life, journey, and family. His football career may still be in the works, but his level of devotion and commitment has never been in question. Tim Tebow stands for excellence and integrity in the midst of a sport and world where accountability seems to be treated as a four-letter word. Support Tim Tebow and all Christian professionals everywhere who do great work. You can find Everything in Between here at!