Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye volume 1 - DVD ImageI love what this Christian DVD is about and the themes that it has present throughout the whole series. This is a family-friendly TV series that you can watch with your whole family and I absolutely love that. It also breaks down a barrier for the deaf community, having the main character be in fact, deaf. The series is based on a true story about the real Sue Thomas and how she managed to enter the FBI despite her disability.

Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye. Volume 1 is about Sue Thomas, a woman who happens to be deaf and has an amazing ability to read lips. She moves to Washington DC to start a new job as an FBI agent but there she realizes that the job is not what she imagined it to be.

This Christian DVD we meet Sue Thomas (played by Deanne Bray) and she has been waiting for this day for a while. She has worked really hard testified all odds and now she is about to begin her first job. But not just a simple job, but one as an FBI Agent. She’s really excited to start this new chapter but as Sue arrives at the offices there is immediately some hesitation of the rest of agents working there. The majority of her coworkers think that she really doesn’t have what it takes to be the best agent that she can be. I also think that I will be quite difficult for her to keep herself safe out in the field. She is the first deaf agent in the FBI and she has to prove to everyone that she can and deserves to be there.

Normally after a crime occurs the police, detectives and FBI agents come and check out the scene. They are constantly checking for clues and fingerprints that may lead them to the criminal who committed the crime. But of course, it’s easier said than done and sometimes the agents have a difficult time but little did they know that they may have a secret weapon in Sue Thomas from Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye. Volume 1.
Now that Sue has arrived at the FBI at first her coworkers aren’t sure the reason why she’s there but soon they are all blown away after they find out about her amazing ability to lip read. This is amazing talent lands her a spot on the FBI’s surveillance team. This is not just a simple team, it’s an elite group of people and Sue from this Christian DVD is now part of it. Little by little she perseveres in her new job and make some new friends while in this experience. For example agent Jack Hudson and an adorable dog named Levi who actually ends up helping her as well.

The real Sue Thomas inspired this Christian DVD was actually born hearing and after she was one year old she got sick and lost her hearing the doctors really didn’t know What caused her hearing loss. So as she grew up she was constantly bullied at school and had to sit in front of the class so she could read her teacher’s lips. Later on, she decided that she wants to train with a speech therapist and actually managed to learn how to speak. Soon she graduated in International Affairs and Political Science and by this time she was an expert lip reader. Finding a job seemed harder than she thought it would be but soon her life was going to change. One day an FBI agent noticed that Sue had the ability to understand conversations that are happening on the other side of a room. He was definitely intrigued by this and began asking her some questions and this was the moment that she was hired to be part of the elite team in the FBI. She had a hearing dog with her named Levi just like it is presented in this Christian DVD and later on, she became the first deaf FBI agent in history as she worked for that specific organization for four years.

I love the story that is presented in the Christian DVD Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye and I am so glad that is presented for people to see. I also love how it encourages people to see those with disability as normal, capable individuals.

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