Storm Rider - DVD ImageAs I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’ve recently become a huge fan of horses. I don’t remember ever being so fascinated by them till most recently. I can’t even explain it, it could be their ability to connect with someone, their grandiosity, their power, their grace, and so on. Basically, whenever there’s a movie with horses involved I’m definitely intrigued. This happens with Storm Rider which also includes a very talented cast, for example, Kevin Sorbo, Kristy Swanson and Daniel Chuchran.

Storm Rider tells the story of city girl Dani, a teenage girl whose father is suddenly sent to jail and she is off to be with her uncle Sam on his farm. There she is in charge of an orphaned horse for her to care for and train.

This Christian movie begins with 18-year-old Dani Fielding (played by Daniel Chuchran). Dani is rather spoiled and is used to having pretty much everything. Dani is also a successful equestrian and just absolutely loves being around horses, her favorite horse though is her prize-winning Emerald. Suddenly that “perfect” world completely changes as her dad, Mitch, (played by C. Thomas Howell) is sentenced to prison because of being involved with fraud. Because of this, Dani from Storm Rider has to leave the comfortable life she’s known plus she has to leave her prized horse behind. Ultimately she’s sent to live with her uncle Sam (played by Kevin Sorbo) who’s a veterinarian. Even though he’s a bit stuck on living his life the bachelor way, he has a girlfriend named Jody (played by Kristy Swanson).

At first in the Christian DVD Storm Rider, Dani and her uncle from the get-go have a difficult time getting along and bond. One day this begins to change when Sam gives Dani an orphaned horse, which is something different than what she’s used to doing. Also getting used to farm living will be quite a difficult task. She chooses to dive into this project and dedicates her effort and time into the little colt. Dani names the colt Stormy and the horse has become a stable form of love that has been missing in her life for a while. Stormy reminds Dani of some important life lessons like for example that caring for others and focusing on them is more important and quite frankly life-changing.

Another thing that is making things a bit difficult for Dani from Storm Rider in her new life and for Sam is her stepmother Vanessa (played by Sam Sorbo). Vanessa wants to gain custody of Dani’s half-brother Jordan (played by Jacob Buster). Her intentions aren’t as pure as they sound. Vanessa really wants to have Mitch’s assets which he has hidden and is using Jordan to get to them. Sad, isn’t it?
Jordan has always been important to Dani and before she left her home beforehand she had let him know that he wasn’t her “half” brother, he was her brother, period.

Later on in the Christian DVD Storm Rider, Dani decides to train another horse for an upcoming event which is kind of sad since Stormy has been the one from the beginning. But soon a plane crash occurs and her uncle Sam is involved. Dani’s instinct is to attempt to save him so this means going against cold weather, wild animals, and other dangerous factors along with her pal Stormy. They both work together despite everything that has happened to help and meanwhile truly discovers the meaning of friendship and family. She really is determined and wants to impact the lives of those involved in the terrible accident like her uncle, her uncle’s friend, and her brother. This event really opens her eyes to the true importance and meaning of family.

Storm Rider - DVD Image

During the course of this Christian DVD we see Dani’s evolution and change but not only hers, we see a change in Sam as well. He also realizes that he has a family that loves him and one that he loves back. That he also loves Jody as well and should open his heart entirely. Dani and Jordan also learn that they also have a family to lean on and that they have each other’s backs.

The Christian movie Storm Rider is a great story about the importance of family. If you’d like to see this movie make sure to purchase at!

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