I had a chance to preview Standing Firm recently and I can’t wait to start selling this quality Christian film. I said in my Twitter feed after watching it that “Standing Firm is a Solid Christian film, fit for our times.” The reason I say that is that we’re still living through economic hard times; most relevantly the continuously slumping housing and construction industries that are affecting families all around us and Standing Firm deals directly with those issues.

Personally in our family the bad economy has led to the closure of two companies close to my heart; namely the lumber company that employed my father for 20+ years and the engineering firm where my wife had worked since graduating the university. How did Jesus say it? “He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous” Matthew 5:45. My life has shown that hard times in the economy affect not only the lousy lenders and credit card junkies, but also good people like my wife and dad. Standing Firm really deals with this theme in a way that is true to our times.

Standing Firmis the story of a Father and son who have just lost the third member of their family.Dave’s wife, a nurse, had been a devout Christian as was his son Steven, but Dave wanted nothing to do with it.His wife’s death drove him even farther from God.Add to that, the fact that Dave works in the construction industry and has just lost half of his household income with the death of his wife.His business falters and with it, his family finances.Steven only sees his father dying inside and longs to help.He longs to see the gospel reach to his dad.

There are a few strong themes that run through Standing Firm, but the one that stuck out to me was the theme that God is busy working all things together for good for those who love Him, but that doesn’t mean bad things never happen.I really respect the director Kyle Prohaska because he didn’t take the “everything works out perfectly for Christians” route with this film, but showed believable characters dealing with real-life pain, heartache, death and financial hardship that doesn’t magically disappear when the main character gives his life to Jesus.Standing Firm drives home the main point over and over again that the problems in our world are REAL and they’re hard, but they’re not the primary issues.The primary issues are; where we going to spend eternity?How will we seek the Lord in our pain? How is HE using our situation for his glory?

In the end, Standing Firm is a well-made Christian movie with a message for our times. I highly recommend it. You’ll be able to buy Standing Firm from Family Christian Movies on August 24th, and you can preorder it here, but we’ll be giving away an advanced copy of the film on August 1st to one lucky winner. All you have to do to be entered is review any film on Family Christian Movies.com AND be a fan of FamilyChristianMovies.com on Facebook. For contest rules visit this site.