Soldier Love Story - DVD ImageI have absolutely loved Lori Loughlin since her days in Full House when she played the loving Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis. Since then she has been on several projects but currently, she has maintained a strong presence in Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries for a while now. She has decided to focus her work now more than ever on projects that are available for the whole family to watch. The movie that I’m going to talk about in this blog article is no exception to this. Lori once again with the Soldier Love Story cast tug at our heartstrings with this beautiful story.

Soldier Love Story tells the story of Jared Marshall a young boy who is struggling after his parent’s divorce and begins sending letters to a sergeant from the military whom he starts bonding with. When Sergeant Vince Carrera returns he meets Jared and his mom Dana whom he starts falling in love with.

Right at the start of Soldier Love Story, we meet Jared Marshall, a boy who is indeed struggling with the divorce between his parents and is trying to adapt to this new way of life even though a year has passed since his parents made the divorce official. Jared seems to love his father very much and spends a lot of his time leaving him various voice messages and wishing his dad would answer them. But poor Jared ends disappointed every time since the response he’s craving to hear never seems to come and therefore the result of this is indeed feeling rejected.

Dana, Jared’s mom is seeing what all of this is causing in her young son, therefore all she feels is anger and disappointment towards her ex-husband. Dana has always tried her best to show Jared her love and has always made sure that he knows that he is special and appreciated but her ex-husband’s lack of communication is throwing all of that away. Wanting a new start, Dana and Jared move to California, begin to live with Dana’s mother and she finds where to work. Jared is not happy with this decision even with his mother’s reassurance that everything will be fine and that it’s what’s best for them. In California, Jared begins to show a strong interest in baseball and wants to try out for the local kid’s team. He tries but since his stature and lack of athletic ability are not so good, Jared is not accepted. Therefore he’s made-fun-of and this doesn’t help with the current situation he is living in at the moment.

In his new school, Jared’s teacher encourages her students to write letters to soldiers hoping that her students are left inspired by them. Jared from Soldier Love Story sees the list of available soldiers and notices Sgt. Vincent Carrera doesn’t have anyone to send him letters so to make the soldier feel special, Jared chooses him. Both of them begin to send each other letters and a special bond forms between them as topics of baseball and other things begin to fill the pages of their letters. Later both of them realize that Sgt. Carrera will be on leave close by to Jared so they set a day to meet up.

Vincent arrives at Jared’s house and at this moment is where he meets Dana and is immediately attracted to her and so does she towards him. Sgt. Carrera begins hanging out more at Jared’s home and begins to feel as part of their family. He steps up and is a great fatherly figure to Jared and makes time to be him which makes little Jared feel special and important. Vince also takes the time to teach Jared how to play baseball and helping him improve.Soldier Love Story - DVD Image

Also, Dana and Vincent begin to spend even more time together. Dana figures she has feelings towards Vincent but she is unsure if it’s the right time to start a new relationship although Jared is all up for it. Sgt. Carrera declares his love for Dana and all of them are filled with hope to be a family. This growing relationship is suddenly put to the test when Sgt. Carrera has to return to the army and in a different country. What decision will Vincent make?

If you’d like to know what happens next with Vincent, Dana, and Jared, be sure to check out Soldier Love Story which is available for purchase in
This movie sheds light on military families and also those who are struggling with the hard decision of a separation or divorce.

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