I recently sat down with a thoroughly educated theologian as he described the different places in the Bible where he had found error. One prominent topic he enjoyed tackling involved the story of Esther. He mentioned there was no historical record to indicate that the events of the book of Esther ever actually happened. I was a bit confused and began to think about the growing number of educated friends who were starting to make pretty big, bold statements regarding the Bible and Christianity. Christian films have often been the battle field upon which these questions and arguments have been manifested. How do we know what we’ve filmed is accurate when compared to what actually happened in the Bible? We really don’t. But does that mean we should stop trying to portray these stories well? Should we stop reading the Bible altogether? These questions may seem ridiculous to you. But you’d be surprised at how normal it’s becoming to jump on the exodus bandwagon and leave that which is Biblically stated for the sake of a few good arguments. Oddly enough, the Bible even predicted these events and warned about them.

In the meantime, we move forward making the same great Christian films. And since you brought it up, we do actually have films about the life of Esther as told by the Bible. You can find both of these DVDs online at Fishflix.com!


One Night with the King

Each film takes a different angle on the Biblical account of Esther while staying true to what the word of God has said about this narrative (hopefully! Fingers crossed).