Signed, Sealed, Delivered - DVD ImageThis is the movie that started it all! After this very Christian movie, there has been a series and various movies after it on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel that have followed this postal investigation group. The team of Signed, Sealed, Delivered is in charge of doing some really important work. For example, first they receive the mail that doesn’t have a return or recipient address and they figure out the mystery of who is the card for or who it’s from. Next, they follow to deliver the letters or packages to the person it was meant to be for.

At the start of this Christian movie, we meet Norman, Oliver, and Rita, three postal workers who round up the Signed, Sealed, Delivered team. They have to sort through all the mail and make sure everything runs smoothly. They are very comfortable working the way they are and in their small group but that’s about to change when Shane arrives to be a part of the team. Originally she wasn’t supposed to be in the postal department but since she was already there, she was going to give 100%. Shane is extremely dedicated to whichever work she’s in, she’s logical and is quite talented regarding technology. Since she’s so tech savvy, she wants to implement different things to what the team has grown accustomed to.

Later on, Shane begins to form a friendship with Norman, Rita, and Oliver and also begin to realize what their true purpose for working in the Postal Office is. Even though they’re all different they add unique contributions to the workplace with their own different abilities and they get along great. As they continue to work, the group notices that more “undeliverable” mail is arriving into their hands so they decide to take the time and do the best that they can to deliver it. So noticing, how much “undeliverable” mail is arriving, they decide to become a postal investigation team and find the meant recipients to all the letters and packages that don’t necessarily have a recipient address. The team from this Christian DVD immediately thinks that the task at hand shouldn’t be that complicated but they later realize that it is.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered - DVD Image

The team from the Christian movie Signed, Sealed, Deivered begins to disagree on what method is best to find the recipients of the lost letters, especially Shane and Oliver. Oliver is someone who tends to do things traditionally, quite old-fashioned and of course, he truly believes that letters or “snail mail” is the best way of communication and doesn’t like the idea of having a better way to communicate now in modern times. Now, Shane believes that using technology is the best way to do anything. Poor Rita and Norman who are basically stuck in the middle of these two different ways of thinking. It’s their job to help get everyone to get along and eventually they do. Each person in the team is important to accomplish what the team is meant to do. Like I mentioned before, finding the recipients of each letter and package is quite hard, the team knows this but they also know how rewarding it is at the end. One of the things that the team most loves is getting to know the stories that these letters carry and how they somehow become a part of them. All four team members realize that one letter can carry so much beyond the words written in them.
One of the letters they find is from a boy who is letting his grandmother know of his plans of running away. Of course, the card was never delivered so the team makes it a priority to find who the grandmother is so the letter can be delivered as this boy may be in grave danger.
As the team continues to read more letters, being involved in other people’s stories and helping them find reconciliation, it helps them personally in their own relationships. For example, Oliver has become estranged from his wife but Shane encourages him to restore the relationship they once had, Norman finds out he has a family member he didn’t even knew he had and begins to seek that relationship.

I really enjoy the Signed, Sealed, Delivered movie and the ones that follow because not only do you get intrigued by each mystery the team is solving but you get to know the members of the team as a group and individually as well.

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