Signed, Sealed, Delivered for Christmas - DVD ImageIn this Christmas movie, we are reunited with Oliver, Rita, Shane, and Norman from the popular series of movies from the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel, Signed, Sealed, Delivered and see what they’re up to but during the Christmas season. To me, it’s always fun to watch a series of movies in their regular setting and then have a Christmas movie added to the series that gives us a glimpse of what the characters are doing during that special time. In case you haven’t seen the previous movies, our main characters, the Postables, work at the postal office in a special division that focuses on receiving “dead letters” which means letters that don’t have a recipient address and the team does an investigation to finally deliver the letters to who it’s meant for.

In Signed, Sealed, Delivered for Christmas, the month of December has arrived and the team has also received letters from children to Santa. Now, when the Postables receive a letter addressed to God from a girl that wished for her mom to be healed at Christmas, Norman, Rita, Shane, and Oliver must come together and make this Christmas miracle happen.

The team of Postables is used to uncovering the mysteries regarding regular letters and they’ve done a pretty good job in making sure every card arrives at the person it’s meant to be for. But now, for Christmas, they have to tackle a new challenge, jolly old St. Nick. Almost 20,000 letters addressed to Santa arrive at their headquarters so apart from getting all the regular letters to their intended recipients, they have to take on the job of Santa. Oliver, Shane, Norman, and Rita from this Christian movie work hard and manage to finish the great amount of letters they had to take on just in time before Christmas Eve. Now what they all want is to take a break and enjoy the rest of the Christmas season. But there’s one letter left! At first, all of them are bummed since they still had work to do and work was now last on their minds since they were about to go on break for Christmas. The letter is addressed to God, it seems very simple on the outside but on the inside, there’s a powerful wish. The letter is written by a little girl who all she wants for Christmas is for her mom to be healthy, since she has been gravely ill for a while. The team from this Christian DVD is deeply moved by the letter and decide that they have to help this little girl. But they come to realize as they begin to work on this, that they all need to define and come to terms with what Faith and miracles mean to them before they help make this miracle happen for this little girl and her mom.
Now the job is to find out who the little girl is and find more details about who her mother is as well.

This Christmas movie is filled with many reminders and lessons for us the viewers and I love movies that make me think and reflect on my own life. This little girl’s letter lights that spark of hope in the Postables team and now they have to do whatever they can and not lose hope that the Christmas miracle this girl needs will happen. The team has to set aside any doubts and remind themselves that there’s no miracle without faith, and that faith is what the joy of Christmas is all about. A great reminder for us viewers, right?
Also in Signed, Sealed, Delivered For Christmas, the Postables and us the viewers are reminded that the answers to a prayer can look different than what we expect it to be and come in different ways. That joy and love can always be found at Christmas, that through faith we can always find it!
This Christmas movie reminds us of excellent themes perfect for the Christmas season, to not lose hope and of one of the most important things to have in life, faith. Also, that miracles are still occurring every day!

Signed, Sealed, Delivered For Christmas is a perfect Christian movie to watch this Holiday season!

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