I love stories of God working through normal people to do the extraordinary.  In fact, if I had a wish list of “Christian movies I wish were being made” the top of the list would be “true stories of normal people walking by faith in an awesome God.”  Set Apart is a film like that.

Set Apart is the story of two brothers; two normal, humble, Christian guys doing cool stuff for Jesus.  John Gunn is a pastor in the inner city.  His life consists of helping young people find their way off of the streets and leading them into a relationship with God.  His brother Randy has an entirely different ministry; he and his wife Heidi reach out to cowboys through a traveling team of riders and a gospel band that puts on worship services at cowboy get-togethers.  When Randy brings his riders to put on a show in the city, his brother John challenges him to bring four kids who are on the wrong path back to the ranch for the summer to show them a different side of the world and perhaps change the trajectory that their lives are on.

Although feeling wholly inadequate and unqualified for such a venture, Randy and Heidi accept the challenge and bring this motley crew of teens to the ranch with them.  You can guess how it ends, and I won’t fault the writers for a predictable ending.  The thing I loved about this story was to watch Randy and Heidi step outside their comfort zone and walk this unknown journey that God has called them down.  Throughout the film, we see them attempt to relate to inner-city kids whose world they know nothing about.  We see them trying to point the young people to God, but struggling to find the right words.  We see them depending completely on the Lord and crying out to him in their weakness.  We also see a mature Christian couple who loves each other deeply and is committed to following God wherever He leads.

Set Apart elevates these ordinary heroes who are worth looking up to and glorifies God in the way that he works through us in our weaknesses.  The film does all of this in the context of beautiful scenery, great horse-riding sequences and the quality of production we would expect from Provident films.   Set Apart also makes the reality of life on the streets clear while excluding profanity and limiting the violence.  This is a film that the whole family can enjoy together.

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