Second Chances - DVD ImageThe story of this Christian movie is really beautiful and so inspiring as it is based on a true story. The situation at first presented in this Christian DVD is quite difficult for a little girl and for anybody to encounter. But one of the lessons that this movie speaks truth about is how we can overcome any obstacle with God’s help.

Second Chances is about how a girl after a car accident regains the courage to overcome her injuries after creating a special bond with a horse.

At the start of this Christian movie, we meet Sunny Matthews, a spirited girl with a full life ahead of her. She is constantly happy, loves life and loves those all around her. She looks at life with a positive attitude and truly believes that every situation, in the long run, will be okay. But one day Sunny is part of a horrible car accident which in fact takes the life of her beloved father and creates damages on her legs. Now Sunny can’t walk normally, she has to hold on to crutches. This means she can’t live her life like she used to before. In just a quick moment everything that she did before, the things she considered normal are suddenly gone. Sunny definitely begins to struggle with this and doesn’t know how to deal with the sudden change. When she hears of her father’s passing, Sunny is heartbroken yet angry as well when she is told she won’t be able to walk like she used to and the recovery will not be easy. Sunny from Second Chances enters her shell and doesn’t want to interact with anybody and becomes very bitter.

Sunny’s mom is desperate to help her daughter and make her see the beauty of life again but she doesn’t quite know how to do it. But this woman is also going through so much, she just lost her husband and she has lost the daughter that she once knew. So she decides to move and taker her daughter with her. Sunny is really upset because of the move and she doesn’t understand. She has just lost her dad, the majority of the use from her legs and now they’re going to be living somewhere else. Her world is over and she thinks nothing good will ever happen in her life again. Mom and daughter move to a place that actually has a ranch next door. On the ranch lives Ben Taylor, a lover of the rodeo. Even though Sunny has closed people off, there’s something about Ben that she likes and feels drawn to him as well. Ben is actually the one who can help bring at least a part of the old Sunny back.

Second Chances - DVD Image

Ben from the Christian DVD Second Chances begins to bring her walls of bitterness and anger down. He relates to her and understands the kind of pain that she’s holding onto. He is able to help her come to terms with all of this. On the ranch, Sunny meets Ginger the horse. Ginger is actually having problems in her legs and always walks with trouble. This horse doesn’t want to be around people and is bitter. So here we have Ginger and Sunny both experiencing basically the same thing.

It seems to not be fulfilling its purpose as a horse, and yet Ben keeps it around. Ginger is mean-spirited and snaps at all the people around her, not letting anyone near her. Sunny meets Ginger and can’t help but feel drawn to this poor, bitter horse.
Sunny from the Christian movie Second Chances begins working with Ginger and helps her overcome her fear and dislike for people. As she brings this horse hope and life, she begins to learn a lesson herself. The qualities displayed in Ginger are the qualities that she herself has been displaying since the accident. She observes the way that the horse shies away from people and snaps at those who try to help her. This horse is crippled, just like Sunny is, and the girl realizes how very similar they are. Sunny begins to bond with her mom and opens her heart to Ben as a friend. Little by little Sunny begins to open us and soon realizes as well the importance of the life she’s living right now. That no matter what complications she’s dealing with right now, she has so much to live for. She comes to the realization that she indeed has people around her that love and appreciate her and want her to live her best life.

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