Seasons of Gray - DVD ImageOne of the things I love about this Christian movie is that it’s the clear representation of the story of Joseph from the Bible. I love that they used the analogies mentioned in the written story and how they managed to visualize it in a modern manner. It’s refreshing to see this story which is quite impactful, presented with a modern take.

Seasons of Gray Is about a man who goes to jail for a crime that he didn’t commit because of the hate his brothers had for him. He seeks redemption by trying to get the woman of his dreams back but nevertheless, his deliverance depends on his brothers.

Like I mentioned before, the Christian movie Seasons of Gray is based on the story of Joseph in the Bible and it has the modern and powerful spin on it. So here we meet Brady Gray and he is definitely his father’s favorite. His father constantly shows him love and attention plus gives him many expensive gifts. The rest of his kids see this and get angry because the whole situation is quite unfair so in this moment they choose to teach their brother Brady a lesson. They are overcome by extreme jealousy and all of them commit the horrible crime. By doing this what they want is to get Brady away from them and from their dad. Basically, his brothers take him off of their dad’s ranch and horribly beat him and his future is definitely unknown, he chooses to forgive them and accept what was coming. Brady from Seasons of Gray is a wonderful example because even though his brothers acted horribly towards him and his heart is not turned better and he doesn’t hold any anger towards them. This shows that he has an amazing strength and literally lives by his faith. Now Brady is taken to a new place and things don’t look promising. He finds a job that he thinks that he can be good but then he is wrongly accused of assaulting his boss’ wife. Of course, he has nothing to do with this, he’s so confused and right now doesn’t know what’s going to happen.

Later on, in Seasons of Gray, Brady is sent to jail and is there quite frankly because he is blamed for a crime that he didn’t do. He is extremely down because of this like any normal person would feel but he doesn’t lose hope. He immediately gets this mindset that maybe the things are happening to him are happening for purpose and he finds joy in all of it. Soon in this Christian movie, Brady is offered a chance to start his life again and to move forward without looking back. He accepts, therefore he is released from jail and given a job that eventually he has to make a decision on. This new job and he has been offered leads him to his brothers and they don’t even recognize him. Brady has a higher position than his brothers so he really has a chance to decide their futures in the company. Like these guys have been so horrible to him, they added so much harm to his life. And they created scars on him physically and emotionally which changed Brady from Seasons of Gray. So what will he do?
Like I mentioned in the beginning, he doesn’t hold any anger or grudge towards his brothers, his heart is pure and he finds the strength in his heart to forgive them for real. A reunion occurs that really brings all of them healing and happiness as his brothers embrace Brady’s forgiveness. This movie is such a good example of how God can use something that we see is bad and a horrible situation and how God can use it to fulfill his purpose.

The Christian movie Seasons of Gray has the main theme that is the power of forgiveness. Also, it demonstrates God’s power to us and how He is in control of everything even though sometimes we may think that he isn’t. This Christian DVD is very similar to the biblical story so I like that it’s quite authentic to the real story.

If you’d like to know more about this movie and see how it is represented make sure to purchase Seasons of Gray!

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