Saving Sarah Cain - DVD ImageThis Christian movie is based on the book The Redemption of Sarah Cain by best-selling author Beverly Lewis who in fact has written the books that inspired “The Shunning” film series that appears in the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel. Also, this Christian DVD was directed by Michael Landon Jr., co-creator of the Hallmark Channel original series When Calls the Heart. Beverly Lewis’ books are all filled with a great story and lesson to learn from or be reminded of. One of the things that I also love about them is that they don’t shy away from faith & values. The movies don’t shy away from it and that essence remains intact.

Saving Sarah Cain tells the story of newspaper columnist Sarah Cain and how she is suddenly the legal guardian of her deceased Amish sister’s five kids. The question is, to take them to the modern world or keep them in their known environment?

At the beginning of this Christian DVD we meet Sarah Cain (played by Lisa Pepper), she’s in her thirties and works at the Portland Times, Portland, Oregon’s local newspaper. Even though she’s always done a good job there, things at this point in time aren’t going very well for Sarah. She sends in her recent article for revision from her boss Bill (played by Elliott Gould) and ultimately he rejects it, claiming that she’s a better writer and that beforehand she had written brilliant pieces about life. He tells her that if she doesn’t go back to the way she wrote before, she’d have to go back to writing news articles. And of course, Sarah does not want that.
Later on, Sarah is out having dinner with her boyfriend Bryan (played by Tom Tate) when her cell phone rings. Turns out that the person who’s calling her is her teenage niece Lyddie (played by Abigail Mason) whom she’s actually never met. Lyddie tells Sarah of the bad news regarding her mother Ivy, that she has passed away so Sarah from Saving Sarah Cain gets to Lancaster County in Pennsylvania to attend her sister’s funeral.

Beforehand, Ivy had married into the Amish community which meant that she chose to be a part of that specific community and for Sarah this was heartbreaking. She felt as if her sister had abandoned her and caused tension between the two for years. Since Ivy’s husband was killed in a car accident years before, the court claims that Ivy’s only surviving relative is, in fact, Sarah which makes her the legal guardian of Ivy’s five kids. If Sarah doesn’t take them under her care, they would be placed in the foster care system. Many members of the Amish community are against having an ‘outsider’ raise the kids. Sarah from this Christian DVD stays overnight to think things through so at this moment she writes about what happened during the day and sends it to her boss. The next day to her surprise, Bill claims that the readers lover the column and wish to know more about what happens next. It’s this that convinces her to take the kids back with her to Portland.
For now, Lyddie stays at home and the rest of her siblings begin their journeys in school but they are often bullied because of the way they dressed. Later the kids are experiencing different things that they hadn’t before, for example, Anna Mae (played by Danielle Chuchran) gets attention from boys after wearing regular clothes and Caleb (played by Soren Fulton) joins the wrestling team and is quite good at it.

Back at the newspaper, Bill from Saving Sarah Cain is enjoying all the buzz that Sarah’s stories of her Amish nieces and nephews but Sarah doesn’t want for the column to be just about them as she feels guilty for using the kids for a buzz-worthy column. One day, one of Sarah’s rivals from the paper finds out where the kids are attending school and sends a television news team to cover Caleb’s wrestling match. So at this point in this Christian movie, the kids hear about what their aunt has been doing and feel bad and betrayed. Sarah admits that things went in another direction than she originally wanted it to go and that she is quite remorseful.

What will happen with the kids? Will they go back to Amish country?

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