has recently started selling Saving God. I sat down with my brother-in-law to check it out.

Saving God is the story of an ex-con who returns to the inner city, after 15 years in the clink, to bring God back to the neighborhood. He wrestles with his past as he confronts the elements of the streets that sent him to prison.

Saving God is a complex movie with complex characters. There’s an inner-city preacher with a past, a small-time drug dealer who wants to change, the good girl who puts up with him, a mobster with a conscience and a selfish televangelist who proves in the end that he has a heart. These characters make Saving God a fascinating movie where you find yourself sympathizing with the bad guys and questioning the good guys.

The most compelling character is Ving Rhames’ (Pulp Fiction and Mission Impossible) ex-con turned preacher. He is convincing as a man wanting to do good for God, but still carrying around a lot of anger. He once killed a man and has done his time, but you go through the movie knowing that he might have the temper to kill again, especially as he adjusts to life on the outside. Those who would like to marginalize what God has done in his life constantly remind him of his past. He also finds himself tempted by the greed and power that often accompany pastoral ministry.

In the end, his character gives a picture of a man who has been changed by God. He’s not perfect yet, but we see that God is at work in him. We all know in our heads that God can forgive a murderer, but do we really believe that God can change a murderer’s heart. Saving God wrestles with that question.

Saving God is a Christian Movie made by Cloud Ten Pictures and Clear Entertainment. It stars Ving Rhames, Ricardo Chavira, Dean Mcdermott and Dwain Murphy. PG-13 for violence.