Studies are showing that more and more young girls are being put in a position that they need to make a decision, a life altering decision quite like the one that Sarah had to make in Sarah’s Choice.

Sarah’s Choice
is a DVD starring Rebecca St. James who plays a single woman in a dating relationship, but is more concerned about her career and her hopeful promotion than she is about getting married or starting family. She is actually willing to put marriage and family on hold if it means she will get the anticipated promotion!

Sarah puts in a great interview for the promotion and is convinced it will be hers. The only thing plaguing her now is this illness that she can’s seem to shake. This “illness”  begins to look more like pregnancy to her friend/co-worker and she forces Sarah to take a test to find out.

Results are in, Sarah is pregnant! Not knowing what to do, not knowing who to turn to, Sarah screams from the inside out. She refuses to talk to her boyfriend about it. She tells him, but ignores him because she doesn’t trust that he can take care of her or the baby. She can’t talk to her Mom because her Mom’s religious views about it only give her one choice- to have the baby. And now she has her friend telling her that keeping the baby would destroy her life and that she has plenty of time in the future to children, but not another time to get a great promotion.

After visiting a clinic to make sure that she was in fact pregnant, she finds herself defending her religious views as to why she was having a hard time making the decision. She realized that even though she had given up on God ten years ago when she lost her Dad, that maybe God hadn’t given up on her.

She is approached by a stranger who gives her a card and makes her aware that she will be have three visions…

Sarah’s Choice is a DVD that touches on such emotional and difficult issues that many women and men have gone through. It discusses the truth in the choice and what God wants. It also shows the hurt that making the choice to not keep the child can cause, but also the forgiveness and the healing that can follow.

Sarah’s Choice is a DVD appropriate for those affected with this decision, those who are living the lifestyle that may put them in this position, or those who care deeply about the decision to be pro-life. Wonderful example of God’s love and God’s provision. Great movie overall.