Former Hollywood film writer and director, Nolan Lebovitz has created a film documentary, Roadmap Genesis, where himself and several notable scholars, Rabbis and people in public office, such as former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, have quite convincinlgy explained that “the guiding principles for how to create a healthy functioning society are all right there in the book of Genesis.”

Once a filmmaker of psychological thrillers, Lebovitz went through a life change after getting married and having children, discovering that the world around him no longer consisted of others showing values and support or even kindness. He also realized that creating these horrifying movies wasn’t adding to the world we live and raise our children in. So he changed his course to set out to find out why our society was no longer the moral, brotherhood-type society that he had once lived in as a child and hoped to find some guidance to help get things back to the way they were. Much to his surprise, after adequate research, Lebovitz discovered all of his answers and all of the instruction that he had been seeking was to be found in the book of Genesis.

Roadmap Genesis is a DVD where Lebovitz interviews these male and female scholars, etc., about their knowledge of the book of Genesis. I have never wanted to reread a book in the Bible like I wanted to reread Genesis after watching this DVD. Wow, what deep and incredibly convicting truths that exist in Genesis. As these scholars share, Genesis covers issues of creation, love, family, conflict, treatment of others and how to live outside of ourselves in a community, which they also highlight is a must. It isn’t about being an individual as our society stresses today, because as these scholars explain, an individual exists amongst others and his or her being is influenced by others and cannot exist a part from others.

Genesis shows how important it is to learn to live with each other, for each other and in service of one another. Without this, a society would collapse! This is what some of the scholars fear is happening to the American society. The example given comes from Genesis 11, The Tower of Babel. The people were trying to build a tower as high as the heavens and the Lord changed them from being people of one language to people of many languages. Because of the multitude of languages, they could no longer understand each other and could not successfully build their tower.

Erik Stakelbeck (host of “The Watchman”) compares this to modern day Republicans and Democrats. They can’t communicate with each other, they don’t understand each other and have created a division amongst the people. Without the ability to communicate with one another and understand each other, with such confusion, you can’t expect a society to be successful.

Through these interviews, Nolan Lebovitz really shows that the book of Genesis is “a roadmap for life”.  We are all decedents of the same book- we are all family. It isn’t about being an individual in society, living for oneself, but as Rabbi David Wolpe (Sinai Temple) explained it, studies show that a person’s quality of life is dependent upon the quality of your relationships with the people in your life. It’s about sharing in experiences and stories, both good and bad, drawing us closer to one another. 

It appears that everyone in America and around the world should watch Roadmap Genesis and read for the first time or re-read the first book in the Bible, Genesis.

The people interviewed by Lebovitz during this documentary:

Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson, Rev. Joseph Bracken, SJ, Marc Brettler, PhD,  Rabbi Sharon Brous, Philip Clayton, PhD, Alan Dershowitz, Rabbi Elliot Dorff, PhD, Rev. Kim Dorr-Tilley, Father Michael Duffy, Reb Mimi Feigelson, Francis Cardinal George, OMI, David J. Gilner, PhD, David Gushee, PhD Ken Ham, Governor Mike Huckabee, Rabbi Lewis Kamrass, Rabbi Vernon Kurtz, Rabbi Asher Lopatin, Richard Mouw, PhD,  Rabbi Elazar Muskin, Tammi J. Schneider, PhD, Jenna Segal, Jim Showers, Erick Stakelbeck, Bill Sutter, Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer, PhD, Chezare A. Warren, PhD and Rabbi David Wolpe