Reggio's Prayer - DVD ImageFor all you football fans, this is a Christian movie you have to include in your Sports related movie collection. This Christian DVD tackles several themes like being of help to those who need it and making a difference wherever you go. Also, Reggie’s Prayer reminds us of how we have a purpose in this life and it reminds us what’s truly important in life.

Reggie’s Prayer tells the story of Reggie Knox, a retired professional football player who is filled with several frustrations. He begins coaching a high school football team and there he forms a friendship with a problematic student.

At the beginning of Reggie’s Prayer we meet Reggie Knox (played by Reggie White), he is a very talented sportsman, especially in football. The sport has become his life and Reggie is considered a star. For such a long time his dream had been to become a professional football player and now the dream had come to pass. For now, his life is good, he’s quite comfortable and his future is looking bright. He has the dream job and that job is a dream come true for him. What more could he want, right?
Soon his eyes are opened to the reality that surrounds him. The streets are often filled with kids getting involved in illegal drugs or illegal acts of crime. One of the leaders of the whole crime ring is a guy named Mr. Portola. All the crime and drugs have gotten so bad that even the police don’t know how to deal with it and put an end to it.

Later on in this Christian movie, a little store is robbed by someone who follows Mr. Portola. Sadly, a child that was caught in between the robbery is killed, an innocent child. This news comes as a shock to Reggie as he continues to realize how rampant the crime is on the streets near him. He immediately thinks that since he has been so involved in football and all of his training, he was not realizing all that was going on in the streets. The innocent child’s death saddens Reggie from Reggie’s Prayer and he is sure that all this crime is happening because of so many young kids being included in crime circles. Suddenly Reggie has a realization, he knows he loves football and is quite great at it but he has a passion deficit. He has lost passion for the game since now it doesn’t have true meaning to him. The crimes happening on the streets and the kids involved is what is calling him and he is sure of what he should do next. Reggie decides to finish his career as a football player and make a drastic change. He moves to Oregon to become a coach and a teacher in a local high school. This sudden change shocks those that are around him. They can’t wrap their head around Reggie leaving the game and sacrificing so much when he is already at the top to go teach some kids.

Now that Reggie is a teacher he soon realizes that his students are in search of attention and a role model, someone to follow. Most of the kids come from broken families, don’t have a father figure and are constantly pulled to the streets. Reggie from this Christian DVD does his best to fill that missing role of a father in the lives of these kids. Soon he becomes a figure of respect to his students as they trust him and know he’s on their side. He takes the time to get to know each of his students.

One of the players from his team has been dragged into the cruel world of street crime because of the infamous Mr. Portola. Some other dangerous incidents occur that leads to the boy to be kidnapped. Reggie from Reggie’s Prayer is extremely worried and angry but at the same time decides to do whatever he can to save this kid. He goes forward in the search for his missing student and goes into a battle between good and evil.
Will he ever find his missing student? Will Reggie be able to continue making a difference in all the crime that’s been occurring?

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